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Assessment Feedback and Parent Teacher Interviews

Some of our boys have a tendency to assume that the completion of assessment rounds off their learning. At Ambrose Treacy we are very eager to challenge that assumption. Over the next week or two, there are significant opportunities for learning which we would encourage our boys to invest in. Educational research points strongly to the relationship between improvement in outcomes and the capacity of young people to reflect on areas of strength and areas for development. While boys will welcome the upcoming holiday period, it is critical that they ask themselves five important questions.

1. What worked well in Semester One?
2. Did I do my best?
3. What are the specific areas for improvement and the key themes in the feedback I am receiving from teachers?
4. What are my goals for Semester Two?
5. What specific strategies will I put in place to achieve my goals?

Parents have a tremendous role to play in guiding students through this reflection process, by encouraging honest insight and emphasising the importance of ownership. While each student will receive an overall statement of achievement which is a measure of their progress, this represents only a part of the ‘learning’. I would encourage all parents to review the feedback students have received, either by referring to the written feedback in SEQTA or by attending parent / teacher interviews.

Teaching Awards
Teachers make a tremendous difference not only to the academic outcomes of students, but in their lives more broadly. At Ambrose Treacy College we are most fortunate to have a dedicated, dynamic and highly professional group of teachers who show an unwavering commitment to the development of the boys, and who journey with them, in their learning.

I would encourage any member of the community who wishes to acknowledge the contribution of particular teachers, to visit the ASG NEiTA website and nominate a teacher for a National Excellence in Teaching Award

This Foundation was established in 1994 to honour excellence in teaching across Australia and New Zealand. Aside from the tremendous boost to morale that teachers can experience when they learn of their nomination, successful awardees will win grants, which improve their access to professional development, and in turn, help them to continue to assist learners of the future. Nominations for the 2016 National Excellence in Teaching Awards close by 5p.m. 31 July, 2016.

Miss Kath Little, Dean of Learning