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Winning Performances and Touch Football

On Friday 19 October, a special assembly will announce competition winners for writing, photography, Gate to Gate race and the best dressed student from Monday’s dress up day.

Before assembly the Championship Gate to Gate Handicapped race will be run. Winners from Tuesday’s races will be competing for the ultimate honour of being crowned the inaugural Gate to Gate champion!

8.20am bell – students begin lining the course to cheer on runners
8.25am bell – course cleared
8.28am – Gate to Gate Championship starts from Twigg Street
Race finishes at Waterford roundabout.
8.40am – Students file into Assembly.

The Gate to Gate House Champions and the winner of the individual event will be presented on assembly straight afterwards. The best viewing position for parents will be either on the lawn at the front of the ER building or on the veranda of Waterford.

80 Year Celebration Performance Assembly

The winners of the ATC’s Got Talent competition will perform on Assembly to entertain the crowd in St. Francis Xavier Centre.

Staff vs Students Touch Football Game

Our 80 Years celebrations will bring together another chapter of our Staff v Student games. On Friday 19 October ATC staff take on a team of ATC students in a Touch Football game to celebrate our proud sporting history. We have chosen Touch Football as it is the greatest representation of our sporting history. Going back to the Nudgee Junior days, Rugby Union was always a part of the school culture and it continues its proud traditions today at ATC. While some of the boys probably wish they could play a game of Rugby against the staff, we have chosen Touch Football to test the fitness and agility of all players. We invite all students, staff and parents to come along to the oval at Big Lunch to witness some sporting prowess!

Uniform: All students are to wear their PE uniform and running shoes. Students performing on assembly may choose to wear their day uniform and bring PE uniform to change into.