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As One ... We Engage

As a proud Wik Waya man, born and raised on Yuggera, Jagera and Turrbul lands, I firmly believe elders near and far would have smiles on their faces. As the 2022 College Captain, I will draw on their collective strength, courage and wisdom throughout my tenure.

From little things, big things grow: the motto of the Clontarf Foundation. When I started at Nudgee Junior College in 2014, in my Steve Irwin khakis, I was only a fraction shorter than I am now. Changes at the college have ranged from small things like the tuckshop menu, more co-curricular activities and Mr Gardiner’s weekly online blog, to the big things like the College campus expansion, more sporting teams, student body and uniforms … the list is endless.

Some things have stayed the same though. The incline in the hill from the bottom carpark is still an effort, people still struggle with my surname, and despite three prime ministers, floods, drought, bushfires, tornadoes, and a global pandemic, the Junior Band is still playing Hot Cross Buns! My journey at Ambrose Treacy College to this point demonstrates that anything is possible. No matter where you have come from, or where your strengths lie, you are valued. We all have something to contribute.

Earlier this year, during our Year 11 Leadership Retreat, the 2022 Seniors came together to create a vision for our community to join and be a part of. So, on behalf of Sam Edwards, Zac Williams and the 2022 cohort, we are excited to announce our theme, which continues to build on the foundations laid by previous seniors. We could not be more excited about what this presents for our community.

‘As One’

According to the Collins dictionary, “as one” means if a group of people does something as a collective, all the people do the same thing at the same time or in the same way. Don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not looking for us all to be the same. Regardless of whether you are in the Junior, Middle, or Senior School, coming together ‘as one’—showing a united front—doesn’t mean we stamp out individuality. Far from it. Like a packet of Allen’s party mix lollies—individual, mixed and unique—from strawberry and creams, milk bottles, racing cars, pineapples, jelly babies, snakes, red frogs, and teeth; they come together amazingly.

ATC too is a whole lot of goodness and a real-life party mix. We are all individuals, of different ages, with unique qualities, backgrounds, family situations, and experiences. ATC is a school that values, embraces and celebrates diversity. We have a rich tapestry of cultures, abilities, and those who look at the world through a different lens. We also have much to be proud of. It is important that every person feels able to bring their true and genuine selves to school and work at ATC.

No matter your background; sexual orientation; sporting, musical, or academic abilities; the goal of our 2022 seniors is for us all to come together as one and celebrate our community and its values of Jesus, Edmund Rice, and Patrick Ambrose Treacy.

To achieve this, each term, over the next year, we will have a call to action. Like stepping stones. This term, we focus on ENGAGE. How do we ENGAGE? Through our College Pillars of Service, Learning, and Leadership, we set you some simple challenges.

Service: With our proximity to Maiwar—one of many Indigenous names for the Brisbane River—we need to be even more aware of our litter.
Engage: Tidy up after yourself and put your rubbish in the bin.

Learning: When it comes to class time, let’s put in the effort and be prepared.
Engage: Be on time, bring the right equipment, and attitude.

Leadership: I encourage everyone, regardless of year level, to wear our ATC uniform with pride.
Engage: Check your uniforms.

Thank you to those who are already taking pride in their appearance and showing leadership in these areas already.

Sam, Zac and I, along with all the 2022 Seniors are looking forward to the year ahead and working together, As One.

Jontay Gothachalkenin
pronounced Goth-a-chaw-ker-nin