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Artists: The Gatekeepers of Humanity and Generators of Change

The arts have existed for long as humanity itself, and their evolutions are intertwined. Not only do the arts offer a lens into historical and contemporary social issues, but also provide a medium in which we can sustain and challenge these ideas. Artists are the gatekeepers of our cultural values and generators of change. Their work guides our morals and ethics, and reminds us about what it is to be human.

As digital technologies continue to flourish and the needs of the workforce become increasingly unpredictable, one thing we can be certain of, is that our young men need to know what it means to be human. Our future innovators need to be ethically and morally grounded working towards the betterment of all humankind. For this reason, artists and their transferrable skills will continue to be in demand in the future.

There is higher economic value and more career opportunities available in the arts than you might realise. The arts are generally considered to be part of the broader creative industries and include: music and performing arts; film, television and radio; advertising and marketing; software development and interactive content; writing, publishing and print media; and architecture, design and visual arts. 15 million or 85% of Australian adults attend at least one cultural event or performance every year. While creative industries are often micro businesses or small to medium sized enterprises that focus on local markets, there are more than 611,000 people employed in the creative industries workforce contributing over $30 billion annually to Australia’s economy. The Australian Government also recognises the creative industries as making a vital contribution to Australian society and the economy.

Artist’s thinking skills are also transferrable to other industries. By 2030, the nature of every job will change. The need for routine manual tasks will decrease and the time we spend on people, solving strategic problems and thinking creatively will increase. More than ever before, people will move between jobs and have several careers in their lifetime. It is predicted that employers will seek lifelong learners and transferrable skills as they plan for the 22nd century. Key attributes nurtured in creative domains are imagining possibilities, critical thinking, persistence, discipline, courage, risk-taking and reflection. People with creative habits of mind are reported to interrogate ideas more deeply, ask open-ended questions, seek multiple solutions and persist with critical and reflective thinking. These are the thinking skills of the future workforce and cultivated through the arts.

The most effective way to understand the arts, is to become an artist yourself. Everyone can be an artist and at Ambrose Treacy College, boys becoming artists lies at the core of our drama, music and visual art learning programs. For many boys, the arts become part of who they are and allow them to express their individuality. It broadens their horizons and challenges them to think of creative solutions to problems. At a more profound level, an arts education can be transformative for individuals and communities. The study of the arts can transform boys into artistic young men.

There are many opportunities for boys to be involved in arts learning in and outside the classroom at ATC. In conjunction with our 80 Year Celebrations, the following events will showcase learning in the arts across the College in Term 4 Week 2.

ATC’s Got Talent – step forward into the spotlight and showcase your talents in the performing arts in a supportive competition environment
• Junior School Drama Workshops – all Junior boys will participate in an interactive drama immersion workshop
ARTery Visual Art Exhibition – featuring a substantial amount of work from Years 4-11 in a dedicated exhibition open to the entire College community
• Photography Competition – capturing life at ATC
• King’s School, New Zealand visit – collaborative performances and workshops for our instrumentalists
• Jazz by the River – signature community event with fireworks

Details and registration for these events are available on the College App and I encourage you to be involved. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time to discuss arts learning opportunities at ATC and arts career pathways for your son.

Jason Goopy
Head of The Arts and Choral Coordinator


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