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Around the Pool

It is an exciting time for the College as over the next 2 weeks, we move into the first QCIS Championship Meets. There has been a considerable amount of work involved in starting this new sporting organisation and we thank Mr Dave Capra for the enormous amount of time and commitment he has given during the previous 12 months to get us to this point.

QCIS rep students

We wish luck and good racing to the following boys who will represent Ambrose Treacy College at the Year 7 -12 QCIS Championships this Friday night in Toowoomba.
Michael Bruce, Christian Bunn, Tate Burton, Nicholas Chapple, Jesse Davies, William Denney, Mitchell Densley, Tim Geers, Connor Hickey, Tyler Hoskin, Tom Kearney, Finn Lentz, Euan McArdle, Zach McArdle, Max McBurnie, Pat Milne, Levi Morris, Josiah Mu, Pat Newell, Josh Nowland, Tiago Prates Cowan, James Ryland, Quentijn Whitfield, Lachlan Wilkin, Daniel Woodrow.

As we move into autumn and we start to move into thinking about winter sports, it is a good time to recognise how much swimming can benefit the other sports. Swimming requires exercising as hard as you do in any sport but as you can only breathe when your swimming stroke allows, you have to function with far less oxygen. This means that your cardio-vascular system works more efficiently. A small amount of swimming during winter is enough to maintain any benefits from summer training or for an athlete who has never swum previously to massively improve their cardio-vascular fitness. The swimming program at ATC operates all year round and we are very accommodating of athletes who have other sports as their priority. If you would like any information, please email

Learn to Swim

Bookings are now open for Term 2, 2016.
We are offering both 10 week and 5 week terms. If you are concerned about weather conditions in term 2, you can book a 5 week block and then continue into the second 5 weeks if the weather is still warm. Don’t forget that the early Easter holidays mean that term 2 will be warmer than normal for the majority of the time. Last winter we experienced smaller class numbers which provided fantastic learning opportunities. If you would like to be part of this program then email Fiona Kearney

Paul Jones, Aquatics Coordinator