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Around the Art Room in Term 2

Junior School Art – Term 2

The Year 4 students will begin exploring the printmaking process, applying their knowledge of The Elements of Art to create a foam print based on their own drawings of a monster. The boys will experiment with the process of printmaking and follow a set procedure to complete a collection of final prints.
Year 5 students will explore and reflect upon the themes and techniques of sculptors in creating a clay bust. The clay making processes that they will be learning include pinching, coiling, joining and decorative techniques. These will all be used to create an imaginative individual sculpture.
The Year 6 students will be focusing on the sculptural work of Alexander Calder as inspiration for their own wire sculpture. The boys will investigate sculpture making techniques using wire, mesh and tools.

Middle School Art – Term 2

The Year 7 students will further explore the process of printmaking to create a lino print of a personal logo inspired by their individual interests and cultural background. The boys will be using lino cutting tools to carve their designs into rubber printing blocks, utilising their prior knowledge of printmaking to develop the layers of their reduction prints.
Year 8 students will be given a choice to explore the use of wire or cardboard to create a three dimensional sculpture of an animal. They will respond to the work of French artist Olivier Grossetete who used recycled cardboard to create ‘The Ephemeral City’. They will look closely at the environmental aspect of this artwork and discuss the strategies used by artists to engage their audience.

The Year 9 students will be introduced to the basic features of Photoshop to create a collection of self-portraits relating to Pop Art artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. The students will respond to their experiences of working with digital media to create artworks and will have the opportunity to combine both methods of art making to create a traditional collage featuring layers and stencils.

Art Club

Art Club in Term 2 will continue on Tuesday afternoons from 3pm-4pm, with a watercolour/ink and printmaking focus. There are limited spaces for Art Club in Term 2, so please email Shantelle Kerwin to register your son’s interest.

Mrs Julie Hawkins, Art Teacher