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An Aspiration to Personal Excellence

Our Academic Excellence assemblies last week and this week celebrate the achievements of individuals and the partnerships between student, parent and caregivers and teachers in working together effectively.

I always think that as each young man walks across the stage to receive his certificate, it is an ‘iceberg’ moment where we only see the tip of the whole story. What has gone on under the water in terms of effort and persistence is often the untold story. Congratulations to all of our award recipients and thank you to our staff, parents and caregivers who supported them along the way.

Not everyone walks across the stage at these events. However, it is of equal importance that we recognise and value effort and persistence across all levels of achievement. There are as many or more great ‘iceberg’ stories who don’t walk across the stage. As a parent myself, I prized highly two ‘B’ results that one of my daughters fought hard to achieve in two very difficult subjects in Year 12 and what I liked about it was how hard it was for her and how well she stuck at it. We use the term ‘personal excellence’ at Ambrose Treacy and the journey of learning is about striving to be the best you can be. If we can look ourselves in the mirror and say “I will do my best”, “I am doing my best” or “I did my best” and know that that is true, we will all sleep well at night. The reality is that we don’t always get there but that is the challenge and opportunity that all teachers and learners have at our community; to work towards this way of thinking, being and doing.

One way to seek persistence and improvement in achieving academically is to consider these three simple questions deeply:

What am I going to keep doing?

What works for well for you? Starting early? Asking questions? Studying with a friend? Keep doing what is effective and do it on and with purpose.

What am I going to stop doing?

What doesn’t work well for you? Are you easily distracted in class? Do you leave assignments until the last moment? Is it hard to be honest with yourself? Stop doing what doesn’t work for you.

What am I going to start doing?

Have you noticed what someone successful is doing? Have you tried out their method? What would happen if you started earlier? Start doing something new that might turn into a habit.

Last year’s Seniors were the first of many things at ATC and they were also the first and last of the ‘Overall Position’ model of Senior schooling outcomes. Their Year 12 outcomes of:
• 100% QCE (Literacy and Numeracy) attainment
• Many different levels of certificates and diplomas by the students who completed a partial and full vocational pathway
• 100 % OP 1-15
• 71% OP 1-10
• 39% OP 1-5
were indeed excellent and set a high bar which compares favourably with all schools across the state. I extend a warm congratulations and thank you to these young men and each of our first group of ATC Old Boys on an outstanding year.

It was magnificent to welcome some of our Seniors back to the College to recognise their achievements last week and present awards to the following ATC Old Boys:

Calum, Alistair and Tim

For Commitment to Academic Excellence (our top five OP achievers)

• Timothy Bennett
• Alastair Bradford
• Philip Gerridzen
• Patrick Robinson
• Quentijn Whitfield

For Excellence in Vocational Education

• Mitchell Mortensen

For Commitment to Academic Improvement

• Calum Barter

I wish to congratulate our committed and talented staff as well. Their achievement both in and outside of the classroom in establishing our school and working with our first group of Seniors from Years to 4 to 12 is significant. I congratulate them most sincerely on the wonderful achievements of the boys in which they share as professionals. As a new member of the community, I can well imagine the stories behind both last year’s boys and the fellows that walked across the stage and those wonderful achievements of the boys who did not walk across the stage. These are the stories that lie beneath the water that I described as the iceberg moments. I offer my sincere admiration, congratulations and gratitude for what has been achieved thus far in building our learning culture.

College Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Last week, I introduced the first of our three strategic priorities, Charism and Culture. Our Academic excellence assemblies dovetail nicely into our second priority; Challenge and Excellence.

Synchronicity is an amazing thing and I think it is no accident that the Seniors of 2020 have developed their own language around this same goal of challenge and support in aspiration for becoming the very best that we can be individually, collectively and as a community. I think that the Seniors mantra of “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” is an outstanding articulation of the intent of this strategic priority. This priority applies across all domains of College life as an aspiration to excellence is at the heart of the Gospel in that Jesus was fully human so that we could “live life and live it to the full”.

The excellence to which we aspire is the realisation of our potential through challenging one another, supporting one another, respecting difference, valuing diversity and celebrating our achievements big and small.

Upcoming College Tours

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God Bless

Chris Ryan