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Adopting a Growth Mindset

Encouraging young boys to work hard is not always an easy feat. We live in a world where people are tempted by quick gratification. Nowadays, things are more instantaneous than they once were. It can lull one into a false sense of ease, such that when difficulties arise, they are all too willing to give up.

One of the key priorities of the College over 2015 and 2016, was to increase student awareness about the need to adopt a growth mindset, set goals, determine strategies for goal attainment, and work, with perseverance towards a particular end. Happily, we are starting to see some considerable rewards for our efforts, as many of our boys start to become increasingly ambitious for themselves.

The sign of a flourishing academic culture, was witnessed at last week’s Academic Awards Assembly where a number of students were congratulated on their Semester Two achievements and effort. In 2016 alone, we saw a considerable improvement between Semester One and Semester Two outcomes, as indicated by the awards table below.

While some of this progress is to be expected across a year, the sharp spike speaks to the focused efforts of our staff and students, who have worked hard to achieve strong outcomes. In addition, much work has been done at the College to ensure that we also had a way of celebrating the improvements made by boys in their overall grade point average. As a result of the development of learning analytics tools, we are more easily able to track student performance, affirming students who have progressed and helping those who have not.

Can I take this opportunity to publically acknowledge our Academic Awards recipients for Semester 2 2016, and to encourage each young man, to give of his very best throughout 2017.

Academic Excellence Awards

Year 9 2016
Gold – Alastair Bradford, Philip Gerridzen, Hamish Killen, Sebastian La Rosa, Finn Lentz, Macsen Martin, Patrick Robinson, Quentijn Whitfield
Silver – Finlay Caynes, Oliver Cooper-White, James Miller, Carter Reid, Craig Robinson, Matthew Rosolen, Joshua Wataman
Bronze – Angus Worland

Year 8 2016
Gold – Mitchell Bradshaw, Samuel Carr, Thomas Kearney, Lachlan Shanahan
Silver – Christian Hiley, Thomas Perissinotto, Aidan Trevor
Bronze – Ewan Smith

Year 7 2016
Gold – Reily Allan, Miles Bojorge, Owen Griffin, Euan McArdle, Zach McArdle, Charles Neumann, Atticus Solomon, Jeremiah Woolcock
Silver – Maxwell Allan, Alexander Dela Cruz, James Grant, Gabriel Lentz, Thomas Lever, Angus MacDonald, Ethan McGann, Joshua Patch
Bronze – Troy Franklin, William Godbolt

Year 6 2016
Gold – Xavier Cuolahan, Santiago Ferrando, Samuel Pandy
Silver – Oliver Bradshaw, Thomas Tracy
Bronze – Joshua Cannane, Haydn Roberts

Year 5 2016
Gold – Hugh Bradshaw, Guinness McBurnie, Benjamin McGraw
Silver – Ethan Casey, Ethan Draheim
Bronze – Theodore Borger, Henry Hill, Henry Oghanna, Fergus Robertson, Luke Taylor, Brady Wilson

Academic Excellence

Year 4 2016
Gold – Jack Arnold, Hugo Hart, Xavier Kits, Patrick Muller, Michael Neumann, Trent Semiao, Elliot Smart, Thomas White
Silver – Joseph Drane, Harrison Folliott, Christopher Lilienstein
Bronze – Samuel Nuss

Honours Awards

Year 9 2016 – Alastair Bradford, Philip Gerridzen, Hamish Killen, Sebastian La Rosa, Macsen Martin, Patrick Robinson
Year 8 2016 – Mitchell Bradshaw
Year 7 2016 – Miles Bojorge, Euan McArdle, Zach McArdle, Charles Neumann, Atticus Solomon

Year 6 2016 – Xavier Cuolahan
Year 5 2016 –
Year 4 2016 – Jack Arnold, Hugo Hart, Xavier Kits, Michael Neumann, Trent Semiao, Elliot Smart, Thomas White

Celebration of Excellence in Approach to Learning Awards

Year 9 2016 – Alastair Bradford, Finlay Caynes, Philip Gerridzen, Hamish Killen, Sebastian La Rosa, Macsen Martin, James Miller, Carter Reid, Patrick Robinson, Angus Worland
Year 8 2016 – Mitchell Bradshaw
Year 7 2016 – Liam Barrie, Miles Bojorge, Alexander Dela Cruz, Patrick Knott, Angus MacDonald, Euan McArdle, Zach McArdle, Charles Neumann, Atticus Solomon
Year 6 2016 – Xavier Cuolahan, Haydn Roberts, Thomas Tracy
Year 5 2016 – Ethan Draheim, Luke Taylor, Brady Wilson
Year 4 2016 – Jack Arnold, Joshua Bassett, Samuel Bell, Benedict Bladen, Angus Clifford, Blake Densley, Hugo Hart, Sam Kearney, Xavier Kits, Christopher Lilienstein, Jake Mardell, Thomas McIntyre, Michael Neumann, Stuart Nichols, Samuel Pearce, Lachlan Roberts, Samuel Russell, Trent Semiao, Elliot Smart, Toby Smith, Harry Spencer, Taj Webster-Maunder, Thomas White

Academic Improvement Awards

Year 9 2016 – Alasdair Briscoe, Finlay Caynes, Brayden Highley, Sebastian La Rosa, Campbell Lowe, Daniel Mahony, Macsen Martin, Paul Sauer, Jared Schutte (most improved in the middle school for Sem 2 2016)
Year 8 2016 – Martin Esdaile
Year 7 2016 – Dylan Griffiths, Daniel Huang, William Johnston, Lauchlan Tillson
Year 6 2016 –
Year 5 2016 – Adrian Archila, Ethan Casey
Year 4 2016 – Joshua Bassett, Andrew Box, Ciaran Chowdhury, James Collins, Harrison Folliott, Hugo Hart, Charles Ingham-Myers, Xavier Kits, Christopher Lilienstein, Juann Lubrin, Teo Luxford, Jake Mardell (most improved in the Junior School Sem 2 2016), Cameron Messenger, Patrick Muller, William Musgrave, Flynn Neilsen, Morgan Osborne, Samuel Pearce, Sean Reid, Aidan Warriner, Tyson Waugh, Thomas White

Kath Little, Dean of Learning