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Absorbing 2020

Mitch Bradshaw, College Vice-Captain, shares the collective thoughts of the 2020 cohort.

Year 12 is bittersweet. There is the stress, late nights, cramming for exams and that sense of saying goodbye to our brothers, teachers, and friends. Yet there are also highly anticipated events like the Year 12 Formal at City Hall, the final House Challenge, Reflection Day, last Assemblies and our Liturgy Lunch and Valedictory Ceremony. Traditions of last year; conceptualised and created, these events motivate our cohort to push through and will have us cheering at the finish line.

To say our final year at ATC has had its challenges is an understatement! With the additional stress of a global health pandemic driving us into an online learning model it has forced us to change our habits and challenge ourselves. Progressive and meaningful changes that have broaden our attitudes has seen our cohort conquer challenges, navigate the pitfalls and manage to reach out to the community creating new customs.

Being grateful to our teachers also took on a new meaning. The shift was swift and frenetic. But our virtual check-in’s, TEAMS meetings and collaboration, opened our eyes to a new way of flexible thinking. We were all forced to reckon with the fact that what is true today may not necessarily be true tomorrow. The ever-changing landscape of 2020! We become agile; revising schedules, timetables and expectations and this was all seamlessly achieved with the support of our teachers and our families.

What we focused on post ATCLearns@Home was stepping back into the swing of things. We wanted a tsunami-like spirit effect to bring that ATC feel good feeling back. We engaged the younger years in dodgeball competitions, Capture the Flag games and Handball Heroes, all within the restrictions and guidelines of the Covidsafe plan at the College. Connecting our three schools, connecting our brothers, and entrenching that firm sense of belonging was a goal we set for ourselves. Putting aside ours own needs and focusing on helping the rest of the community ultimately forced us to grow and learn how to become leaders who are dependable even when the going gets tough. And as a cohort, it brought us closer together.

We will continue to plan to do two things well as we see out the rest of the year:
1. knuckle down and study for the externals. It is hard to think that we have only weeks left. I know we are looking forward to finishing strongly and showing that a world pandemic could not stop us.
2. Embracing the lessons, escalating our independence, and empowering our 2021 Brothers to step in and step up, passing down to the incoming seniors of 2021 the valuable lessons we have learned.

I am proud to be part of such a courageous group of men. Warriors Go Brach!