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A Warm Welcome

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all families in the community to the 2016 school year. There is a wonderful energy and excitement throughout the College and I feel privileged to be a part of something that is rapidly growing to meet its enormous potential.

Feeling Part of the Family

Like many people at Ambrose Treacy, this is my first year at the College. I have been overwhelmed with the positivity, friendliness and enthusiasm of all the boys and staff that I have met. Despite their young age, many boys have shown a willingness to initiate conversation, be inclusive of those around them and ensure that everyone feels a part of the College.

Opening Week

The busyness of the opening week is often quite a challenge and that was certainly the case at ATC. A new timetable, Middle School centre, classroom allocations and a Day 3 swimming carnival were all handled smoothly by the boys. Seeing such involvement and enjoyment at the swimming carnival was a new experience for me. The cheering and laughter echoed throughout the school as the boys participated in everything from freestyle races, to obstacle courses to an old fashioned Tug of War. The feedback regarding the event was positive in terms of the ability being showcased, but moreover the way that everyone was involved. It was wonderful to see boys working together and cheering on their peers.

Leadership Days

This week has already seen the Year 6 and 9 cohorts have their Leadership Days for 2016. Both these groups have an added responsibility this year as they are the ‘Seniors’ within their own schools. The boys participated in some leadership and team building games, many of which were then analysed by teachers to highlight how seemingly innocuous activities can develop the communication, comradery and trust needed to lead by example. I was inspired to see the Year 6 cohort proudly and bravely attempt new initiatives, and the way the Year 9 boys unified and collaborated to achieve the best results possible both individually, and as a group.

Week 3

This coming week presents two significant events on the school calendar with Ash Wednesday and the College Opening Mass. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent in the Catholic faith and also marks the beginning of the school’s Lenten Appeal to raise funds and awareness for those in need in our community. Hopefully each class is creative with designing and organising some activities which all can engage with over Lent. The College Mass at St Stephen’s Cathedral promises to be a special occasion for the College as we celebrate the beginning of our school year and look to make explicit links between our own lives, and those of Jesus, Edmund Rice and Ambrose Treacy. I am optimistic that your sons will engage well with the service and share their insights with you over the next two weeks.
I look forward to meeting you throughout the year.

Mr Matthew Warr Assistant Dean of Formation