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A Man of Courage, A Man of Kindness - Connacht House Mass Celebrates the Saints' Strength & Compassion

The saints of Connacht House gathered for Mass this term, to acknowledge their House identity of strength of mind and compassion of heart.

Mr Robertson also celebrated the great achievements of Connacht students reinforcing our focus on building and consolidating the vertical House system and the spirit and identity of each House at ATC. The celebration of Mass was not only an avenue to bring the Connacht community together but to also to give thanks and celebrate faith and courage. Luke’s Gospel includes the famous parable of ‘The Prodigal Son’ and this scripture will be integral to the House Masses this year.

At ATC, compassion and mercy are vital attributes we want all in our community and world to exemplify. This gathering was also an opportunity for me, as Head of House, to address the students about the story of Connacht House and present house badges. I explained that since the inception of Connacht House we have been the “Men of Courage, Men of Kindness”. Though these two values are sometimes seen as a paradox, they embody the young man that ATC students seek to become. Men who are not afraid to step outside their comfort zone and be courageous – physically, mentally and emotionally.

As part of our celebration, new members of Connacht were presented with their House badges, another rite of passage and a sign of togetherness and strength.

I remind the men of Connacht that whilst we always act with courage, we also act with kindness and compassion – in what we do, how we act and what we say. We empower other students to follow our motto: to be a Man of Courage, a Man of kindness. I hope you all take a lot away from EMPOWER Week and continue to grow as signs of faith.

Head of House, David Robertson