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A Fresh Start

Three months ago, we paused for the Easter break in a time of great uncertainty. One of the pieces of advice I was receiving at the time was to prepare for the possibility that the boys may not return to on-site classes until August or even September! What a Term it has been.

We go into the June/July break with the Easter prayer of hope and optimism very much in our hearts and very grateful for the success to date of the management of the pandemic in this part of the world.

At the commencement of the year when introducing myself to the ATC staff, one of the frameworks that I said that I would use in my first year of ‘Look, Listen and Learn’ consisted of three seemingly simple but actually quite complex questions:

1. What are we going to keep doing?
2. What are we going to stop doing?
3. What are we going to start doing?

I can’t say that my first Semester as a newly minted Principal has been a time of looking and listening! It has certainly been a time of learning, focus and all hands-on deck! From a selfish perspective, the pandemic has fast tracked my orientation to ATC in many ways. I hope that the staff and parent and caregiver body have gained some insight into my values and approach during this time. I have certainly had the opportunity to experience first-hand the strength of our community, the faith and trust of our community and the resilience and positivity of our community of students, staff, parents and caregivers.

As the Term and Semester draw to a close, we will continue to draw on these values and qualities and also embrace the opportunity for some rest, time for self, family and friends and for me, readying to ‘re-set’ my energy and focus on broader community and strategic leadership of the College and my original intentions as I commenced in January. It has been a challenging time but as is so often the case, a deeply rewarding and fulfilling time and I am grateful to be a member of the Ambrose Treacy College community. I wish everyone a wonderful break, greatly look forward to the new Semester ahead and thank you for your support of your son and the College this Term.

Co-curricular and Community Events

At the time of writing, the Queensland Government is outlining some transitional details as we move closer to Stage 3 of the lifting of restrictions. I have a meeting with Principals of Catholic Schools throughout Queensland on Tuesday of this week to analyse the advice from Government with the support of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. Assuming that our health statistics continue to be positive, it would seem that there may be some possibility of the reintroduction of some community gathering events and gatherings in the new Semester. I am hopeful of this possibly benefitting our Year 12 students in particular. I will advise early in the new Term following my meeting with other Principals and having been in receipt of further advice from the Queensland Government and Health Authority.

From a Sport perspective, our three key partner associations, GBC, GPS and AIC have been working with us to develop and provide details around game day management. Again, further advice about the lifting of Stage 3 restrictions may alter these plans and we will update accordingly. I would reiterate that there will be limited capacity for schools to host parent spectators during Term 3. Wherever possible, I would encourage a drop off and pick up approach.

At this stage, some details include (but are subject to change):

GBC and GPS games (we have some fixtures with Terrace, Nudgee, BBC and Southport) will allow one spectator where possible per zone which has a maximum of 100 persons including players, coaches and officials. Thus, each player may be allowed to have one parent attend a match except in the case of indoor sport (basketball) for the GBC. No spectators are allowed for indoor GBC games. Numbers of spectators for each zone, time and game will be facilitated on a weekly basis and instructions will be provided to the boys about what is required for match day.

• For AIC games (schools such as Padua, St Edmund’s, Iona, Villanova, St Patrick’s, St Peter’s, Ashgrove and St Laurence’s) the association has decided to not allow parent/adult spectators at any games. Only student spectators will be allowed. This is a particularly important point to note for our Junior School families.

• For all fixtures where adult spectators are permitted (GBC outdoor and GPS both indoor and outdoor) spectators will be required to retain 1.5m of social distancing from all persons, bring their own chair and their own water bottle. No canteens at any schools will be in operation.

We will be in more specific communication with our community about these arrangements and any updates or adjustments to them immediately after the holidays. It is very likely that we will have a ‘week by week’ approach to providing a summary of requirements across our different competition partners throughout the Term. Thank you for your co-operation with and support of these guidelines in order to support the boys returning to active competition.


I would like to share the news of the arrival of Amelia (Millie) Frances Gendle, born on Thursday 18 June, weighing 3.3kg. Millie is the third child for Carmen Gendle (4 Lynch Homeroom teacher) and her husband Nathanuel and little sister to Harriet (pictured) and Louis. Congratulations!


I would ask the community to please keep Lucas O’Connell (6 Bodkin) and Ethan O’Connell (4 Treacy) in your thoughts and prayers following the recent passing of their Great Grandfather in Cork, Ireland. We hope that the passage of time will help heal the pain of his passing. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace. Amen.

Farewell Glynis Galletly

Finally, but most importantly, we wish Glynis Galletly continued health and happiness as she finishes her time at the College this Friday. Glynis was Mike Senior’s Professional Assistant for 11 years and was a key person in the transition from Nudgee Junior College to Ambrose Treacy College. For the past 18 months, Glynis has played another important role as Administration Manager. In my short time at the College, I can attest to Glynis’ warmth, calmness, pragmatism, professionalism and kindness. She has been a highly valued member of our community and always will be. Glynis is taking up an exciting opportunity in another sector and we wish her every success as her new employer is very lucky to have her. Thank you, Glynis, you will be missed.

God bless.

Chris Ryan