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Holy Week

When I was a young boy attending a Convent school and being taught by Good Samaritan Nuns, I found Good Friday and the drama of the narrative quite terrifying. I remember attending Good Friday services at our Parish and literally watching the sky to see if it turned dark at 3pm when Jesus died. Times have changed and the Parish churches aren’t as full on Good Friday and I suspect not many eight year old boys are monitoring the sky like I did.

As I have grown older, the image of Jesus carrying the Cross up the mountain to his own death has become more meaningful than terrifying even though it is indeed evocative and violent. In one way or another, we are all carrying our Cross up our own mountain. One of the profound truths of Jesus’s example is that He did it knowingly and willingly. Carrying our Cross is central to the Christian path and way of life. Believing that Jesus walks with us on this journey and can not only help bear the load but also carry us as His Cross is central to the Christian invitation to faith. The greatest invitation to faith in the Christian tradition is the belief that Jesus defeated death and became one with God through resurrection on Easter Sunday. Christians individually are called to be Easter people all year round; people of hope, joy and love. As the Catholic community of ATC, our College is called to be an Easter community for everyone; not only regardless of their faith or cultural identity but because of it as Jesus’s example and teachings are universal and for all.

This Easter, the second Easter of the global COVID pandemic is a time in human history of both fear and hope. As a community, we pray for those in fear throughout our world that there may be safe passage and healing. We pray in thanksgiving for the scientists and specialists who have given hope to our world through the provision of the emerging vaccines. Above all, within all, and present to all, we await the Good News of Easter Sunday.

Managing the Pandemic

Please refer to my correspondence forwarded today.

Term 1 will conclude at 3.00pm on Wednesday 31 March. Reports will be forwarded as per the normal schedule this Thursday 1 April.

As the Premier and Chief Medical Officer provide further information post the current 3 day restrictions, we will communicate information about co-curricular activities for over the break and what is required for the commencement of Term 2 depending on the situation.

Term One Sport

Our first term of sport is now concluded. Congratulations to our almost 1000 boys who have participated in Cricket, Swimming, Volleyball and AFL. We have enjoyed a strong program of participation and competition and I thank Mr Damian Steele, Mr Jarrod Turner, Mrs Lisa Mortlock and all coaches and volunteers who have facilitated the season.

Congratulations to our Swimming team who were overall boys’ champions of the Greater Brisbane Conference, our First VI Volleyball who won the GBC Premiership along with our Junior 1 and 2, Intermediate 1 and 2 and Senior 2 who also took out premierships. Congratulations to Head of Volleyball, Mr Tim Walker and staff for a wonderful program. Finally, congratulations to our Junior 1 AFL side that won the GBC Premiership in their division.

Beginning Term 2

We look forward to Parent/Caregiver, Teacher and Student interviews on the first Monday after the break.

We were very pleased with the response to our revised Hair and Grooming policy for Term 1. Thank you to the community for your support of the boys and the College. A reminder for all boys to please have had a haircut which aligns with the policy for the beginning of Term 2.

Best wishes for a happy and Holy Easter. We will continue to be in communication as the current situation unfolds.