P&F News and Events Week 8 Term 4

24 November 2016

As this is our last P&F Blog for the year, a very big heart felt thank you is extended to everyone that has helped make all of the P&F events and activities in 2016 a huge success.

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P&F News and Events Week 7 Term 4

17 November 2016

ATC Staff Christmas Lunch

Thank you to those of your who have already donated time, dessert or monetary contribution to the Staff Christmas Lunch. This lunch is a great way for the parent community to show our appreciation of our wonderful teachers and support staff.

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P&F News and Events Week 6 Term 4

10 November 2016

2016 has been a wonderful year for the ATC P&F with quite a few successful events that have helped build a strong ATC Community. For 2017 to also be successful, we need your help and input. We are running a P&F Planning Day on Sunday, 20 November. It is the perfect time to get involved with the P&F, whether it be as a Year Level Coordinator or as an Event Coordinator.

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