Formation & Service

200 Years of Learning, Growing and Caring

12 May 2021

The Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice is celebrated around the globe on 5 May each year. We were fortunate as a school community to be able to gather for two sacred rituals last week where, through scripture, prayer and action, the life of Edmund was shared.

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Grand Designs

06 May 2021

We are currently in the ‘Build’ phase of the 2021 Seniors’ theme of ‘Belong’ which continues to influence and inspire our staff and students. It begs the question regarding our Men of Courage Framework: ‘What exactly are we building?’

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Lenten Fayre - The Ekka on Jack Bowers Oval

24 March 2021

Of all the sacrifices that Covid-19 enforced upon us, perhaps the loss of Lenten Fayre was the one which hurt the most. The ‘Easter Ekka’ has become a wonderful tradition at ATC, occurring on the final day of Term 1. Each class devises, plans and implements an activity for other students to enjoy, picture a Sideshow Alley on Jack Bower’s Oval. Colour, laughter, and competition erupts as boys toss, race, throw and scheme their way to glory. Divine rewards await in the form of sweets, savouries, drinks, or bragging rights! Gourmet hotdogs, buffalo skewers or chicken kebabs ensure that no-one goes hungry. Furthermore, ‘lob a choc’, ‘ping pong challenge’ and ‘sponge the teacher’ are simple examples of the frivolity that awaits.

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