Principal’s Message

Parenting, Protecting and Preparing our Children

06 September 2021

I trust that all the fathers and caregivers in our community had a lovely day together yesterday. As a father of three young adult women myself, I am spoilt stupid every day and most grateful for the gift they are in my life. I hope yesterday was a time of gratitude, appreciation, and enjoyment for all. I apologise that we were unable to host a large Father’s Day event onsite this year but very much look forward to returning to this tradition in 2022.

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Principal's Message Week 8

30 August 2021

The national benchmark testing known as NAPLAN can be a contentious topic amongst educators, parents, students, pundits and commentators. The most important issue to understand is that the results are representative of a ‘point in time’ performance by an individual or group of individuals under particular circumstances. There is a danger in being selective about NAPLAN results from year to year as they are only a part of the picture for each individual and group.

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Principal's Message Week 7

23 August 2021

At Ambrose Treacy College we are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the educational services we provide to our students. As part of this review process, we have appointed Michael Elphick & Associates to facilitate a survey for completion by our parents and caregivers as well as students in Years 4-12. The data we collect on this survey will allow us to make general comparisons in key areas with fellow Edmund Rice Education schools, while also providing benchmarks of our own performance over time. I encourage you to spend approximately 15 minutes of your time to complete the survey.

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Principal's Message Week 6

16 August 2021

QCMF, the annual Queensland Catholic Music Festival is a highlight of the ATC calendar, and indeed, for all participating Catholic schools throughout Queensland. In 2020 it wasn’t possible to facilitate QMCF but we are really excited that the 2021 pre-recorded performances have now been released as video clips on YouTube and the links to these performances have been emailed to parents of our musicians.

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