Principal’s Message

Inspirational Leaders and Role Models

04 May 2021

The people who have given us hope, peace and a better life

On 5 May, Edmund Rice communities around the world celebrate the life of our Founder and the mission of our schools and ministries. The Edmund Rice Network is truly international and the date of 5 May was selected as all schools are in attendance throughout the world at this time and can usually pause to join in solidarity with Mass and Eucharist.

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Symbols of Sacrifice, Gratitude and Freedom

27 April 2021

I was very proud of our boys at our two ANZAC Day liturgies on Friday. On both occasions, the boys engaged respectfully and participatively. ANZAC Day, while never about glorifying or validating war, certainly resonates with our young people.

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On the Tarmac for Term Two Takeoff

19 April 2021

A warm welcome to Term Two. Very pleasingly, we regather to a ‘COVID normal’ environment where most activities can resume after a bumpy conclusion to Term 1 and the subsequent uncertainty. This is wonderful news for Queensland, our families and our community.

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Holy Week

29 March 2021

When I was a young boy attending a Convent school and being taught by Good Samaritan Nuns, I found Good Friday and the drama of the narrative quite terrifying. I remember attending Good Friday services at our Parish and literally watching the sky to see if it turned dark at 3pm when Jesus died. Times have changed and the Parish churches aren’t as full on Good Friday and I suspect not many eight year old boys are monitoring the sky like I did.

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