Principal’s Message

A Vibrant Connection

16 October 2017

It’s All Part of the ATCommunity

Saturday was a wonderful community evening for the College when we gathered and celebrated our now annual Jazz by the River Festival. Not even the heavens opening and bringing the evening to a premature close could ‘dampen’ the impact of the event. As a celebration of student cultural achievements, it was a great success and as a community gathering it reached even greater heights.

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Finding Your Happy Place

09 October 2017

Welcome to the start of term 4. I hope that the holidays were restful times for many of you. If the holidays were a hive of activity in your household I hope then that the return to school allowed you to return to some degree of normality. The start of a new term always brings with it a great deal of renewed energy and vigour and this term is no different. My feelings over the first week back have been that the recent holidays have been an ideal opportunity for re-energising the batteries for both staff and students alike and I am looking forward to what is always a busy last term at the College.

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The Simple Innocence of Youth

11 September 2017

For a nation, sadly it has become predictable that unpredictability is a feature of our societal landscape. In complete contrast to this the same could be said of life at ATC. The English playwright William Congreve once commented that ‘uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life.’ Congreve’s comments could well be written about the youth of today and in particular the boys of Ambrose Treacy College.

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It Takes a Village

04 September 2017

I find my most challenging time each week to be the night before I am due to write a piece for our newsletter blog. Working in a new community that is on the move usually provides me with some level of thought or if I am lucky, inspiration to think about and write about.

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The Difference Between Being a Father and Being a Dad

28 August 2017

‘My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me.’ Jim Valvano

This weekend we celebrate Fathers’ Day. In celebrating Fathers’ Day, we are not simply looking at biological fathers. Rather we are celebrating the many extended male members of families and friends who play a significant role in children’s lives. Challenging tradition is not easy and at times it can be controversial when we try and suggest a change to a long-held belief.

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