Principal’s Message

A Dream Becomes Reality

19 March 2018

Last Thursday was a wonderful opportunity to take a moment and celebrate our recent journey when we officially opened the Senior School precinct. The idea of celebration is key to human life and particularly balance in our life. By our nature we can often just put our heads down and just work and work and work. The need for celebration is intrinsically important for individuals and communities.

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One Size Does Not Fit All!

12 March 2018

All schools and parents share a common hope that we are able to unlock the potential in every child and that they can dream and ultimately live their dreams. Whilst it is easy to say, the reality is that this simple statement is often a complex and challenging task. The individuality of students and the inconsistencies that we as individuals experience means that there is not a one size fits all approach to education today.

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Voicing an Advocacy for Change

05 March 2018

I often find it amazing how we can be presented with a sequence of events that seem to challenge us to look at what is important for us. With the various camps on last week, I had the opportunity to drive between the locations around south east Queensland. The landscapes that I encountered were breathtaking. My regular daily drive across the city has nothing on the countryside. The simplicity of a beautiful landscape is a gift and it challenges me to think of how we seem to complicate most things in life- sometimes by trying to think that there needs to be a philosophy that underpins many aspects or that we need to be suspicious of anything that seems simple.

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Learning Independence and Self Worth Through Challenge

26 February 2018

This week will see the College pause and move into Camp Week mode. Across the week all year levels from Year 4 to Year 10, will take part in a camp away from the College campus. This will be in the form of a two day / one night camp for our Year 4 students who are, for the most part, undertaking their first school camp whereas our Year 10 students have a five day experience choosing from the five options of a white water canoe experience, a Coastal trek, a Street Retreat immersion, an Arts camp and a Construction Industry experience.

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Smashing the Stigma - Be Part of the Solution!

19 February 2018

One of society’s current challenges is how we address the issue of mental health and wellbeing. The reality is that we are facing a complex world and how we are equipped to deal with the change and the challenges that seem so prevalent will determine our success as a community. It is only in recent years that we have been able to take mental health and wellbeing from the shadow of stigma and discrimination and bring it to the centre of the public health arena. From a topic that was rarely discussed in public we are now able to name the importance of mental health and wellbeing and put it at the forefront of our awareness.

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