Principal’s Message

Fear Not, the Holidays are on the Horizon

14 September 2020

I have been in contact with Mr Ray Celegato, the Principal of St Edmund’s College, Ipswich during the last week to offer our support and prayers during their COVID related spot closure and he has been most appreciative. He and his team have managed their process very well and it will be very helpful to gain insights into what they have learned through the process.

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New Life!

07 September 2020

It was wonderful to host our 2021 Year 4 boys and new Year 5, 6 and 7 students for 2021 at the College last Friday for some testing on the student free day. The buzz of all the new smiling faces and chatter was energising as new friends were made. Scarily, the Year 4 boys of 2021 form the foundation of our senior group for 2029. I am getting old! Our Year 11 students who helped host the boys as leaders were outstanding.

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The Final Big 3

31 August 2020

I greatly enjoyed visiting the Year 4 classes today for their ‘Day of the Infamous’. They have done a brilliant job preparing their displays, costumes and props for their projects about convict characters of Australia’s colonial history. Thank you to the boys, Mums and Dads and staff for helping them get ready for this terrific experiential learning day.

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Have Faith Through Uncertain Times

24 August 2020

Time continues to be relative in 2020! A lot can happen in a week. Thank you for reviewing our Spot Closure plan over the weekend. Again, but hopefully not, there is the possibility that it will be activated in the next fortnight. Today’s singular positive case was very pleasing in the short term but the next fortnight in our local area will see testing increased.

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