Principal’s Message

The Beauty Of Our Journey at ATC

24 July 2017

There are 302 Catholic schools in Queensland that educate around 146,000 students and employ more than 18,500 teachers and staff. This week we join in with the other 301 schools to celebrate Catholic Education Week 2017.

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Reflecting on the Simple Things

17 July 2017

Lives are full of surprises, and one of the real gifts we can be a part of is the gift of new life. Without being too self-indulgent I would like to briefly mention the birth of our third grandchild, Patrick Alexander Sprenger. It was no surprise that Patrick came along to bless us all after watching my daughter Dani carry him for nine months. What is always a surprise is the opportunity to feel the depth of experiences you get at times like these.

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Welcome to Term 3

10 July 2017

Welcome to semester two, and I hope for parents it is not a case of feeling ‘thank God they are back at school’. Rather, I hope the holidays afforded families good quality time together and that this latest break saw your sons taking the opportunity to make your life a little easier rather than a lot harder.

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Sweeping the Sheds

12 June 2017

With the access to the world at our fingertips, we are constantly bombarded with images and stories that seem to paint the young people in our world in a not so glamorous light. As an older person, I am aware that sometimes teenagers are misunderstood and the availability of social media has led to adults getting a biased view of today’s youth.

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The Journey Towards Healing

05 June 2017

Last week I attended the National EREA Principals gathering in Canberra. While a number of not so pleasant experiences dotted my three days, there was one very moving and powerful event that occurred. Certainly, the below zero temperatures and the not so inspiring Queensland State of Origin performance were the low lights of the week.

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