Principal’s Message

Living the Dream

20 November 2017

As the year draws to a close I would like to congratulate all our students on an exceptional year. Teaching for me is a tremendously rewarding profession; the rewards are in the experiences we are afforded to share. In particular one of the joys of teaching is to sit back at the end of the year and see the growth and changes in students over the year.

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Reports - A Time to Reflect and Goal-set

13 November 2017

With the school year drawing to a close we are moving into end of semester exams and assessment for students across all year levels. As with all ‘tests’, students will be afforded a snapshot on their progress and given valuable feedback on how their academic year is unfolding. For many students I hope that this feedback aligns with the goals they may have set themselves either at the beginning of the year or reformed during the course of the year.

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Young Men of Empathy and Action

06 November 2017

In my opinion, one of the most influential people in history has been Martin Luther King Jnr. He became the predominant leader in the Civil Rights Movement to end racial segregation and discrimination in America during the 1950s and 1960s and he was a leading spokesperson for nonviolent methods of achieving social change. His eloquence as a speaker and his personal charisma, combined with a deeply rooted determination to establish equality among all races despite personal risk, won him a world-wide following. One of his quotes that resonates with me is: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are we doing for others?”

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Resilience and Persistence - Skills for Life

30 October 2017

Most parents would be aware that one of the major reforms introduced by the Federal Government was a review and development of a new education funding model. For many, the term Gonski 2 somehow defines the new model but I am not sure all parents understand what it will mean. There have been confusing rhetoric from both sides of politics, and like most political debate, both sides of politics continues to be selective in their analysis of the new funding model.

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Building Bridges to Connect to the Future

23 October 2017

The strength of a community is always seen and realised in the people who make up the community rather than the physical structures that the people share. Here at Ambrose Treacy we enjoy a healthy community due to the fact that we have many people both adults and children who share themselves and genuinely care about others. If there is one factor that I believe speaks to the strength of the ATC community and the growth and success that we as a community have shared to date, it is the quality of our staff. The commitment of our staff is exceptional and all our staff see their roles as that of ‘teachers’ regardless of whether or not they have an actual responsibility for a class. I’m convinced there are no other school communities with staff who have more understanding of and a commitment to their students than ours.

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