Artistic Futures: Demystifying Arts Pathways and Careers

23 July 2021

At least once this year I will have a student say to me, “the arts have no relevance in my future”. I challenge this view and advocate that an arts education can be relevant to all our futures. The study of the arts can lead to a multitude of pathways that offer enjoyment, achievement, and meaningful careers and lives. At ATC, we encourage boys and families to be guided by three questions when considering their subject selections.

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How to Prevent 'Readicide'

25 June 2021

The Benefits of Wide Reading and Reading for Pleasure

Mid-year school holidays are a great time for parents, teachers and students alike to recharge our batteries.

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Engagement in Learning Starts Young!

09 June 2021

Today’s classrooms look and sound very different to when I was at school. As a young student my classroom was often quiet, had no computers and my teachers directed most of the learning. Why is engagement in learning so important for our students in today’s world?

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Teachers are Learners

18 May 2021

If you ask your son what makes him successful at school, you probably won’t hear about an online platform or a glossy new textbook. No, more than likely, you will hear something along these lines, “It’s Ms Wonderful, she never gives up on me.” Which is why schools need to invest in their most valuable and influential resource, their teachers.

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Learning to Know

11 March 2021

Staff Blogger Dallas Moffat – Assistant Dean of Learning – Student Development and Learning Analytics

At ATC, we aspire to develop highly literate students who know how to learn, problem solve, create, critique and reflect. To support this vision for learning and foster a learning culture, the College provides opportunities that teach our students the skills and strategies of independent learning.

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