Critical and Creative Thinking Matters

25 February 2020

Lisa Holohan
Assistant Dean of Learning – School Improvement

For thousands of years the Ancient Greeks dominated with their model of education. There were two pathways, citizen or apprentice. As an apprentice, a child would be guided by an adult to learn a craft or trade such as farming, metalworking or pottery. As a citizen the pathway was one of intellectual development often resulting in private tutors who would expand a young man’s knowledge of arts, science and philosophy.

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Students DO Need School Libraries!

18 February 2020

Recently, the Australian School Library Association shared a news item from a commercial television station which reported that a newly opening high school in Queensland was to be a paperless, book-less and library-less*‘school of the future’*. Imagine the collective horror of school librarians across Australia when we saw that piece! We all had to undo the top buttons of our cardigans when we read that.

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Learning in the Digital World

12 February 2020

Engaging in the world today is a far different experience to the world some of us grew up in. However, for our Junior School students the digital age is their norm, their way of life. Education for our students therefore embraces the digital world as we explicitly teach students digital literacy skills through the ICT Capability and introduce the Digital Technologies curriculum in the Junior years.

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