Learning Intentions and Success Criteria at ATC

13 February 2019

As a child attending school, I recall an unspoken assumption that we were all born with a fixed IQ, and quite simply, smart parents had smart children. Doctors, astronauts, and scientists were simply born smart. We now know that intelligence is not fixed and promote the belief that with learning, effort, practice and training, a person can grow their abilities.

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A Life Without Challenge is a Life Not Lived

05 February 2019

I am always excited by a New Year. It signifies what is best about our world, as people gather together to draw to a close the year that was and become hope-filled for what can be. Amidst the champagne and revelry and fireworks, is the anticipation that our future holds something of value for us. Promise is a wonderful thing but hoping isn’t enough. For me, the New Year Period was a time to reflect on 2018.

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Futureproofing Your Son - Virtual Becomes Reality

07 November 2018

Virtual reality has been around for decades, however application in classrooms varies from school to school. The topic has mainly been restricted to digital technology and technology fields, however there are many applications across curriculum that can enhance the learning and enjoyment of lessons for students in different subject areas.

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Postive Thoughts Breed Positive Results

30 October 2018

The speed at which we see technological advancements and the impact this has on our evolving workforce means many of our boys will end up in careers not yet invented. Seventy-five percent of Australia’s growth employment areas require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

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