The Role Reading Plays in Student Wellbeing

19 October 2021

While much is written on the topic of reading, and the importance of libraries in schools, it is often related back to the benefits these things have on literacy. Often overlooked, however, are the myriad positive wellbeing and mental health benefits that reading can have on students – and adults for that matter also! Reading is an innately mindful activity. It stills our busy brains when we become immersed in a good story. In a stressful and busy world, reading can provide a blessed release and act as a balm for our overactive and anxious minds.

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I Don't Care What Grades You Get in My Class

31 August 2021

“I want to be very clear. I don’t care what grades you get in my class.” This is the proclamation I often make when I meet a new class for the first time. And it shocks them! It’s a sentence I repeat to my Year 12 classes when we prepare for their external exams, although by then they are a little more clued in, so are less taken aback.

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Trends Redefining the Future of Work

06 August 2021

The World Economic Forum estimates that almost 40% of the job opportunities for 2020-2023 are being created in the care economy. Unsurprisingly, healthcare-related work dominates much of Australia’s Jobs on the Rise list, with frontline workers, such as doctors, nurses and paramedics, topping Australia’s Jobs on the Rise list. While COVID-19 has no doubt fuelled demand across this sector, health care and social assistance, perhaps better known as the care economy, is Australia’s largest and fastest growing industry, employing more than 1.5 million people. The sector covers all stages of life, from childcare to aged care, and incorporates a range of roles, such as medical technicians, physical therapists, social workers, patient services, and psychologists.

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Artistic Futures: Demystifying Arts Pathways and Careers

23 July 2021

At least once this year I will have a student say to me, “the arts have no relevance in my future”. I challenge this view and advocate that an arts education can be relevant to all our futures. The study of the arts can lead to a multitude of pathways that offer enjoyment, achievement, and meaningful careers and lives. At ATC, we encourage boys and families to be guided by three questions when considering their subject selections.

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