Changing the Conversation about Climate Change

02 June 2020

Staff Blogger Annie Connolly
Coordinator of Geography Years 7-12

As a Geography teacher – it is perhaps unsurprising that I am asked about climate change a great deal. On more than one occasion I have been confronted by people who are steadfast in their belief that climate change isn’t occurring or that the warming we are experiencing is part of the natural process of warming and cooling that has occurred over the 4+ billion years of our planet’s existence.

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The Inclusive Home and School Learning Environment

28 May 2020

Staff Blogger Sally Flynn
Assistant Dean of Learning – Inclusive Practices

Over the past couple of months, we were all bombarded with articles, warnings, cartoons and jokes about the challenges of a home-based learning environment. It is true that it was certainly different. Some students found it suited their learning style while others struggled with motivation, a change to routine or a lack of interaction with their teachers and school friends. Teachers missed the ability to easily interact in person with our young gentlemen. It is one of the true delights of being a teacher.

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We Need Each Other. We Need Music.

19 May 2020

Dr Jason Goopy, Head of The Arts and Choral Coordinator Staff Blogger
The current pandemic has forced us to step back and take stock of what we value. More than ever, we are reminded how important friends, family and colleagues are in our lives. Maybe my social media feed is slightly biased, but one activity stands out as continuing to bring people together and assist even in a time of crisis: music.

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Post School Pathways in Challenging Times

06 May 2020

Staff Blogger, Michelle Kath

It has been a very challenging year so far, none more so than for our Year 12 students, many of whom are worrying about their post-school options. The fantastic news is that options for further study in 2021 are being made more accessible as Universities respond to the challenge and provide hope for our young people.

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Reading Matters

27 April 2020

I have a confession…I am a reader. Always have been and probably always will be. And in these challenging times, when many of us are confined to our homes, I have found an escape through books and you can too. In fact, there is a term for the therapeutic nature of storytelling and reading – ‘bibliotherapy.’

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