Cop Your Dose of Year 6 Science!

17 October 2017

Copper, as an element, has got it all together. It’s colour is so hip it’s being hailed as this season’s ‘new black’. Fashion aside, Year 6 students will tell you that copper atoms each have 29 electrons, most roaming from atom to atom, giving it incredible strength to stay a solid. A Bunsen burner set efficiently can reach about 300 degrees celsius yet copper melts at more than three times this temperature – 1085 degrees. Those copper atoms are a tight bunch and their melting point indicates this. But even copper has its nemesis.

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I Survived Year 5 Camp (barely)

09 October 2017

My youngest child, Grace attended her first school camp last week with great success, which also came in the same week that my son Josh grew taller than me. (Just quietly as I haven’t officially conceded that yet!)

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Taking Ownership

04 October 2017

My mother is the best person I know. Five foot tall and weighing about 50 kilos soaking wet, she is a pocket rocket. Though she is supposed to be enjoying retirement, she simply cannot be idle. Each day consists of jobs that need to be done, from work around the property to volunteering in her local community.

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The Ekka Not the Blooming Jacarandas

12 September 2017

For Queensland’s Senior school students, Term 3 is the most important academic time, especially Year 12 students. The folklore that says “Jacarandas in full bloom means one thing for students— it is exam time” is totally off the radar of our 21st century students. A more appropriate Brisbane folklore could be “When the Ekka Ferris wheel goes up, study, study, study.”

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Engaging Boys is Gold!

05 September 2017

One of my favourite comic characters of all times is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. These comics were touching, thought-provoking and funny – a difficult task to accomplish in any text. As an adult, I occasionally see a comic and, even though I have read most them, I still find myself engaged. For me, there is an important message as a teacher of boys in the panels of Calvin’s adventures.

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