Artists: The Gatekeepers of Humanity and Generators of Change

18 September 2018

The arts have existed for long as humanity itself, and their evolutions are intertwined. Not only do the arts offer a lens into historical and contemporary social issues, but also provide a medium in which we can sustain and challenge these ideas. Artists are the gatekeepers of our cultural values and generators of change. Their work guides our morals and ethics, and reminds us about what it is to be human.

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Future Proofing Your Son - The T-Shaped Worker

11 September 2018

There’s Nothing Fake About Artificial Intelligence

Human brains have evolved over thousands of years to take short cuts for survival, so when I was first asked about future-proofing our students I jumped straight to technology as my solution. I’m a big proponent of implementing new technology in schools in an attempt to predict and mimic the future world our students will be working in.

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NAPLAN : A Personal Perspective

04 September 2018

The NAPLAN tests, completed in May, have now had their results released after a two week delay due to an issue about the results from the normal written testing differing slightly from the on-line testing trial of which about 20% of students participated in this year.

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Future Proofing Your Son | Innovation in Design

28 August 2018

Imagining the Future

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, ‘The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of bigger ideas, never returns to its original size.’ This one quote forms part of the foundations of every unit of work that we develop in design. Design or the older title of Technology Studies has a unique point of difference in comparison to other subjects in that it challenges students to push the boundaries of what they design and make and in doing so, expand their thinking to bigger ideas.

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We Need to Move It, Move It

28 August 2018

Students at Ambrose Treacy College have always had an affinity with sport and Health & Physical Education. Concerningly however, the 2016 Active Healthy Kids Australia Report Card shows a different story, in that Australia, despite having an environment and culture conducive to being active, rank amongst the worst in the world for overall physical activity levels and sedentary behaviour.

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