Futureproofing Your Son - Virtual Becomes Reality

07 November 2018

Virtual reality has been around for decades, however application in classrooms varies from school to school. The topic has mainly been restricted to digital technology and technology fields, however there are many applications across curriculum that can enhance the learning and enjoyment of lessons for students in different subject areas.

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Postive Thoughts Breed Positive Results

30 October 2018

The speed at which we see technological advancements and the impact this has on our evolving workforce means many of our boys will end up in careers not yet invented. Seventy-five percent of Australia’s growth employment areas require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

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Future Proofing Your Son - Let's Get Down to Business

24 October 2018

The number of students studying in the Business and Economics Department at ATC continues to grow. This trend of continued growth mirrors the the upward trend worldwide of business and related subjects such as accounting and economics becoming the most popular fields of study at universities. Business graduates are in high demand because business touches on pretty much every aspect of modern society and careers with a business degree are diverse and versatile.

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Practicing Skills and Drills Reaps Rewards

09 October 2018

Welcome back to Term 4. I trust you had a relaxing and restful family time away from the busy school routine. Term 4, as always, is a short but focused term. Our aim this term is to consolidate the year’s learning.

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Future Proofing Your Son - Construction Industry

20 September 2018

Building activity across Australia’s housing construction sector improved sharply in recent months, fitting with recent underlying strength in Australian residential building approvals. Queensland has unparalelled strength in engineering and commercial construction, and these sectors have had a strong surge during 2018. The construction and engineering career pathway is a very popular one for young men to take and at ATC we offer Certificate I which is a great introduction to the trade.

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