The State of The Arts

07 November 2022

Imagine a world without art. Say goodbye to Spotify and that blood-pumping playlist that gets you through the last kilometre of your run or helps you focus on a work task with zen-like productive vibes.

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Courage to Care Year 9 Incursion

21 October 2022

Courage to Care is an amazing organisation that endeavours to create awareness of the dangers of prejudice and discrimination through education and demonstration, that the actions of individuals can have a lasting and profound impact on individuals and society. A powerful aspect of the experience for Year 9 students was hearing actual recounts from Holocaust survivors and the descendants of survivors.

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A Day of The Arts

29 August 2022

On Year 7 Arts Day students participated in a fun, engaging and exciting workshops across Media Arts, Visual Art, Music and Drama.

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Pathways to Olympic Games Brisbane 2032

09 August 2022

Staff Blogger:Jared D’Roza – Acting Head of Health & Physical Education
The 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games have been and gone and I feel privileged to have witnessed athletes overcome adversity and set goals to reach their personal best to win Gold for their country.

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