Modern School Libraries - The Real Story

05 March 2022

Bob Dylan once famously sang, ‘the times they are ‘a-changin’ and to me, it feels like truer words have never been spoken! Unprecedented challenges exist for today’s educators and students, where the need to pivot between online and on-site teaching is often swift and increasingly, anticipated. Over recent weeks, our teachers have juggling a ‘hybrid model’ of teaching, with students learning simultaneously from home and at school.

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Fasten your seatbelts!

22 February 2022

Year 4 Lynch were ready to fly high when they began their Maths unit on measuring distances. Using individually designed and folded paper planes, students predicted flight distances and used nonstandard measurements to see whose plane could fly the furthest.

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It's All About that Base

17 February 2022

Observing the colour change of indicators, Year 9 chemists were determining if a substance was an acid or a base in their recent lab session. Being critical in their observation looking for colour change and recording with accuracy what they observed, meant it was an intense prac.

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The Key Ingredient for Success in 2022

31 January 2022

The beginning of the 2022 school year is one not like any other we have experienced. Students have returned to school late; many have not seen their friends for two months and over the past week students have had to begin the school year from home by joining online orientation and virtual classrooms to engage with new teachers and timetables.

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