Learning to Know

11 March 2021

Staff Blogger Dallas Moffat – Assistant Dean of Learning – Student Development and Learning Analytics

At ATC, we aspire to develop highly literate students who know how to learn, problem solve, create, critique and reflect. To support this vision for learning and foster a learning culture, the College provides opportunities that teach our students the skills and strategies of independent learning.

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Change is Needed

08 March 2021

IWD is a chance to celebrate how far women have come to gain equal rights to men and acknowledge how far we still have to go. While across the world we have seen advances, there is still no country that has achieved gender equality.

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Inclusive Practice is Best Practice!

24 February 2021

Why Inclusive Education? Kate Watts, Assistant Dean of Learning – Inclusive Practices answers this often asked question and believes this is incredibly important to bring to the forefront of all educational conversations.

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Resilience. Why the Kids of 2020 will be OK

17 November 2020

Staff Blogger Patrick Behan

2020. The Future. In the classics, we were always teased with the far-reaching and often dizzy heights that this year was meant to bring. Flying cars, trips to outer space and automation of our lives were promised. While some aspects of technology and the digital world have arrived, many will be remembering 2020 for one reason that no one saw coming.

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