Recontextualising Religion

15 September 2020

Staff Blogger Danika Ehlers Head of Religious Education

The purpose of Religious Education at Ambrose Treacy College is to engage students in academic study, as well as spiritual and holistic development. This means that in the RE classroom and more broadly in our school we are seeking to teach Religious Education in a way that is meaningful for students going into our world today. We seek to prepare students to step beyond the confines of the College grounds and shine a light out to the world as they live our motto, ‘Signum Fidei’.

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Experts Aren't Dead

01 September 2020

Staff Blogger Ben Rerden Head of Science – Senior School

A scientist is defined as someone who has expert knowledge in one or more of the natural or physical sciences. I have always loved science and been fascinated by scientists. Talking to someone with such deep expert knowledge is exciting.

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Good Learners Go into the Pit

25 August 2020

Staff blogger Dallas Moffat Assistant Dean of Learning – Student Development and Learning Analytics

When facing challenges in learning, students are often faced with a decision to stay within their comfort zone or extend themselves to solve the problem. Good learners leap into the Learning Pit where they can develop important exam, study, and life skills such as defining, evaluating, interpreting, predicting, and verifying.

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The Power of Community

24 August 2020

Staff Blogger, Sally Flynn Assistant Dean of Learning – Inclusive Practices

Recently I listened to the first episode of a new Podcast called Higher Ground. I’ll admit that the main reason it caught my eye was because it is Michelle Obama’s new project but as I listened to the first episode I realised that it tapped into a personal interest in the power of community as an underrated but essential component of wellbeing and happiness.

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