His Legacy Lives On

20 March 2018

Stephen Hawking’s legacy is for all ages. Stephen Hawking is gone, and the world is all the poorer. Stephen Hawking, a person who could speak with authority to the highest level of astrophysics, yet capture the imagination of generations of children worldwide.

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Getting Over the Final Hurdle

13 March 2018

It’s hard to believe that exams will soon be upon us.

Here at the College, much work has been done to build a learning culture in which each student strives for their personal best. At the beginning of this year we celebrated Academic Excellence. Homeroom and formation teachers have spoken with students about their learning goals and strategies for improvement.

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Finding a Career Pathway

06 March 2018

Considering possible career pathway options can be exciting for some yet overwhelming for others. Possibilities can seem endless so where does a young person begin? Ambrose Treacy College provides students with many opportunities to assist them in choosing rewarding and satisfying pathways. One of these opportunities is through Work Experience.

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Young People Can Demand Change

27 February 2018

Early Monday morning, Year 6 departed Brisbane for the nation’s capital, Canberra. This will be an amazing learning experience for the boys and as a ‘seasoned campaigner’ having done the Canberra tour before, I am exceptionally excited for what our students will learn, see, experience and remember.

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Technology to Connect Potential with Output

20 February 2018

This image is one that resonates deeply with me as it demonstrates the disconnect that can exist between a student’s potential and his work output. It reminds us that as educators, we must use all resources available to close that gap. At Ambrose Treacy College, Assistive Technology is invaluable in our ability to fully support our students with speech, vision, physical, hearing or literacy difficulties.

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