Invest in a Future of Lifelong Learning

10 October 2019

By 2040, the way we work and learn will look vastly different from today. However, this is not a scary prospect as we have always been required to adapt to change throughout the ages. Australians will just need new skills to adjust to the future world of work.

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Encouraging Reading Engagement in Pre-teens and Adolescents

27 August 2019

Watching my children learn to read has been one of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of my parenting journey. They moved through the role-play reading stage, began decoding letters and sounds and experienced the thrill of spotting known sight words in favourite books. The repeated reading of well-worn staples meant they could recite the stories off-by-heart and we all looked forward to the nightly pleasure of shared reading.

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The Legacy of a Legend

20 August 2019

When Ambrose Treacy established the first permanent Christian Brothers community in Australia in 1868, I doubt he had any appreciation of the legacy he would leave behind. A passionate educator, Treacy worked tirelessly in difficult circumstances, with limited money, to build schools across the country. His aim was to ensure that young Catholics, many the children of parents with limited means, had access to a good education.

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UQ Science Ambassadors' Blog

13 August 2019

Welcome everyone to Term 3. This term is one of our biggest in terms of science, with National Science Week occurring in Week 5. There’s also lots of opportunities to do some hands-on activities and experiments around the school, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears out so you don’t miss a chance to explore the wonderful world of science.

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