If Video Killed the Radio Star, then what has Social Media done to the humble novel?

22 August 2017

Having taught English for quite some time, I can tell you this…if I had a dollar for every concerned parent who told me that, “Little Johnny used to read all the time but now he just isn’t interested,” I would be a rich woman.
The fact is, this is a well-documented phenomenon. Studies have shown time and again, that even the most avid pre-teen reader loses interest as they cross the threshold into adolescence – a time when life gets so much more exciting. For adolescents, the world seems to suddenly explode with possibilities and for many, life is a flurry of school, socialising, sport, homework, paid work…

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The Nature of Science

15 August 2017

Scientists use their knowledge of principles, concepts and theories, along with scientific processing skills, to construct new explanations to understand the natural world. This is known as scientific inquiry and is the very nature of science and the work of scientists.

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Drive Your Career

08 August 2017

A secure and unified transition from school to work is one of the biggest drivers of career success for young people. One of the ways to develop these skills is through undertaking a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course whilst at school. VET enables students to acquire skills and knowledge for work through a nationally recognised industry-developed training package or accredited course.

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It's Bloomin' Hard to Analyse

01 August 2017

The ‘footie season’ is steadily winding its way to the finals. Which teams will make it to the AFL final or the NRL final, both set down for September? The Broncos are in a promising position for the latter while there is some commentary that the Western Bulldogs may produce another miracle in the AFL. Either way, the business end of the season is now at hand as results become more significant in the jostle for the final positions.

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