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The Men of Ulster Take it to the Streets

14 March 2018

International Women’s Day was celebrated by the College last Thursday acknowledging the contribution of individual women in shaping our communities. As we have seen in the media, 2018 has already proven itself to be a pivotal year for highlighting the structural inequalities that have allowed discrimination to be perpetuated in society.

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The True Value of Mental Wealth

07 March 2018

In a world of increasing technological connection, how much time do you dedicate to just being alone? I often wonder how our young men achieve what they do in the face of increasing distractions and connectivity with one another. When do they get the chance to be comfortable with themselves and not think about what everyone else is doing? DOWN time from school is now UP time at home, where boys are bombarded with messages of who they should be or what they should look like. It must be tough. Enter the world of Mental Wealth.

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Developing Resilient and Purposeful Young Men

13 February 2018

There was a certain degree of uncertainty among the Year 10 cohort as they arrived in their House Groups for the Year 10 Retreat Day at the University of Queensland. In the university lecture hall, presenter Michael Fitzpatrick began some initial activities designed to relax and instil confidence in both the individual and the group and the journey of self-discovery began. For those of you unaware of Michael, he is a most experienced and charismatic facilitator of presentations for Catholic School students and has worked across Australia for 25 years.

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The Pursuit of Happyness

06 February 2018

I’m sorry, but Will Smith has it wrong. In the 2006 Hollywood film, Smith was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of the out-of-luck battler, Chris Gardner. Despite his valiant efforts, Gardner ends up jobless, homeless and with a marriage breakdown. However, with persistence, hard work and charm, he eventually lands his dream career path; seemingly destining him for a huge pay rise and sought-after happiness.

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Share Your Story

30 January 2018

It is our hope, that through the action of service, ATC students will continue to learn about themselves as young men, whilst gaining an improved understanding of the needs and hardships of those on the margins. At the same time, we encourage your sons to take on personal challenges, hopeful of increasing self-confidence and gaining a real sense of achievement – all while being moulded into leaders of the future.

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