Formation & Service

Culminating Brotherhood

21 August 2019

Ambrose Treacy College dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy into building a community and deepening the sense of belonging. We bond with people and places.

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Look Outside Yourself

15 August 2019

Sometimes we put the ‘blinkers on’ and get caught up in ourselves. Checking the amount of likes on our Facebook post, gossiping about others, saving up for the latest Nike Air Force 1’s doesn’t leave much time to stop and recognise the blessings in our lives.

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The Hunting

10 August 2019

‘The Hunting’ is a drama series following the lives of four young Australians as they explore the complexities of relationships, identity and sexuality via technology. The series follows the lead up to, the revelation and the aftermath of an inappropriate teen photo scandal and the impact it has on the students, teachers and families involved.

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Reflection is Key to Service Learning

07 August 2019

Learning comes about not only from doing, but from thinking about what we do. Our College strives to engage students in meaningful and authentic Service experiences or scenarios outside of daily routine. Through these experiences, new learning occurs.

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Making the REAL Difference

01 August 2019

With the up’s and down’s of everyday circumstances, it is easy to be caught up in life’s busyness. It is tempting to always look for praise instead of tapping into the genuine well-being that comes from helping others. Our Compassion as a College to make a ‘real’ difference stems from the ethos of Patrick Ambrose Treacy and the legacy he left.

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