Formation & Service

Screen Time - Are You Concerned?

11 May 2022

A blog from Dean of Formation, Conor Finn
As a result of the global pandemic, there has been a noticeable shift in the amount of time people spend on screen-based devices. Families are transitioning back to pre-COVID routines but many are still struggling to re-establish the boundaries and rules around screen use.

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ATC SchoolTV Special Report - Vaping & e-Cigarettes

05 April 2022

Vaping is becoming a trendy pastime that is growing in popularity across Australia, especially amongst teenagers. It is the act of inhaling a vapour created by an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. Many teenagers are succumbing to peer pressure around this risk-taking activity due to the ease of accessing vapes and being able to hide them. They are often cheaper than conventional cigarettes, making it more cost-effective and attractive to young people.

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Pastoral Care at ATC

17 March 2022

Each young person is connected with a Home Room Teacher who develops an active and robust connection with each student. Each year level has a Year Level Coordinator or Head of Year who works in collaboration with Home Room Teachers and other staff. They are also an important link with parents to facilitate the partnership between home and college. The Head of Junior School has a Pastoral Leadership in that part of the College. The Dean and Assistant Dean of Formation have an overall leadership role across the College in terms of Pastoral Care. During ATCLearns@Home, you may find these contacts useful:

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Sacred or Secular?

09 March 2022

Why did you choose a Catholic Education for your son? Is it because of the impressive facilities, the quality of the teaching staff, the extensive co-curricular choices or the myriad educational pathways? Perhaps it was the strong pastoral programs or because the school is close to home?

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