Formation & Service

Bag Count 50

09 October 2019

Boomerang Bags Initiative has taken flight and the Years 7, 8 and 9 boys have been leading the charge connecting and empowering each other to not only invest in our College’s Service program but also actively demonstrating their understanding of the environmental impact of plastic pollution on our planet.

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Discipleship is not a Positon but an Action

08 October 2019


This morning, the community commissioned our 2020 Student Leaders. Whilst there can be so much written about leadership, ultimately, as a community centred on the Gospel of Jesus and inspired by the charism of Edmund Rice, our leadership model is based on discipleship. What does this mean?

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Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers

10 September 2019

As we close the book on this term and look to a fast finishing 2019, exams and assignments are at the forefront of many ATC minds. With the realisation of final grades for year 12’s, transitions for year 6, our year 9’s lapping the tide for senior school and the year 11’s venturing into QCAA’s new system, the mental wellbeing and health of all can be a concern. So today I am here to tell you, we need to be like the Zebra. Why the Zebra you may ask….. Well it’s simple. Zebra’s don’t get ulcers.

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What's Your DQ?

28 August 2019

‘We are becoming the servants in thought, as in action, of the machine we have created to serve us.’. John Kenneth Galbraith

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