Week 8 Community News

16 March 2018

Last Tuesday we held our 2nd meeting for 2018 and were once again pleased to see new faces and welcome new friends to our group. It was great to see our community taking advantage of this forum to discuss new initiatives, gain feedback from past events and make friendly suggestions for improvement.

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Week 7 Community News

10 March 2018

Thanks to the volunteer mums who cooked up a storm at Thursday’s House Lunch. Without you these wonderful college events would not be the success that they are. As well as valuing our volunteers hands-on contributions we also value your comments and invite you to join in discussions at our next P&F meeting on Tuesday at 6:30pm.

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Week 6 Community News

03 March 2018

Last Saturday night, despite the inclement weather, many parents and friends attending the ATC Welcome night. They enjoyed the night, taking advantage of choosing music from the jukebox and playing handball in the hall. Lots of laughter over a fun night out of drinks, food and meeting other members of their ‘tribe’ (parents of the same year boys).

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Week 5 Community News

23 February 2018

The P & F Welcome Night is being held this weekend and we hope everyone attending has a great time. We look forward to sharing some photos of the event, the dress-ups and fun in our wrap up next week. In the mean time why not take a look at who’s behind the planning of our friendship-raising ideas!

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Week 4 Community News

16 February 2018

It was a great turn out for the ATC AFL Boys Day Out 2018 held last Sunday. Our ATC families watched on as ATC’s Sharni Maclean and the Brisbane Lions Women’s Team played the Western Bulldogs Women’s Team. Wearing ATC BDO caps and Lions jerseys, discussing play and cheering for the Lions, it was evident that the footy fans had a great time. A couple of highlights for the day were when our ATC boys were given the honour of holding the banner as the Lions ran onto the field.

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