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Update for Start of Term 3

29 June 2018

Semester One Report Cards are now available online through SEQTA engage. Each student’s report includes a significant amount of information including an overall GPA, individual subject overall grades along with individual criteria grades and an Approach to Leaning grade, plus service hours registered and a homeroom teacher comment.

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ATConnect | Coming up in Week 10 - Last Week of School

15 June 2018

The semester is nearly over but the activities and events continue. Next Tuesday is an important day with our formal photos being taken. These photos are available for purchase and will be used in the College Yearbook. Please ensure your son is wearing his complete formal uniform on Tuesday. More details are included in this blog.

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Coming Up at ATC in Week 9

08 June 2018

The excitement of the State of Origin has subsided a little, particularly for the Queensland supporters, and in between now and SOO II we have a key focus on assessment to complete Semester 1. I encourage all families to ensure the boys know what their exam/assignment schedule is and are best prepared for each task. In the lead up to State of Origin we constantly heard ‘preparation is the key’.

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What's Coming Up in Week 8

01 June 2018

As we know the boys are into the full demands of assignments, with exam block follwing in hot pursuit! Have you helped your son make a list of his exams, what day, what time, what he needs to do beforehand? An A4 page on the fridge door is a good reminder to everyone of what is coming up in the next few weeks and being organised in the lead up can make a significant difference.

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