Coming Up

Coming Up Week 6

13 August 2020

With minimal calendar events this week – most unusual at ATC- it has been a really good week to focus on the routines in the classroom. With the halfway mark of the term now reached, the due dates of assignments are approaching, and exams are only a few weeks away. Of course, this can mean an increase in pressure for the boys and organisation, planning and hard work are essential for the best outcomes.

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Coming Up Week 5

07 August 2020

As our State hangs on every day’s COVID test results, at ATC we are striving to have the day as normal as possible. I am enjoying the normality of classrooms and the energy, fun and huge smiling faces of the boys across the campus. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel several events, including the Year 11 SociABLE. But planning has been stepped up to ensure the boys can have opportunities across many other areas.

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Coming Up Week 4

31 July 2020

I spotted some stylish head wear around the College today as students and staff donned their favourite beanie to support our annual Beanies for Brain Cancer fundraiser. The money raised will go towards funding vital research into brain cancers and to raise community awareness around the disease. With many in our community suffering from this insidious disease, we stand in solidarity with them and their families. Thank you to the ATCommunity for your generosity.

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Coming Up Week 3

24 July 2020

Ongoing feedback for students regarding their achievements and strategies for improvement are key components of academic success. The feedback from the Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews held on Monday has been very positive.

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Coming Up Week 2 Term 3

17 July 2020

It has been an incredible start to Term 3. It seems a bit of a whirlwind has happened this week with so much that has happened, and the students and staff have seamlessly transitioned straight back into routines and work. Congratulations to staff and students for such a positive start to the new term.

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