Coming Up

Coming Up

18 November 2022

It has been a wonderful week of celebrations. In the busy pace of schools, and life generally, we often do not take the time to stop and celebrate. This week has been an exception. Our Celebration of Excellence on Tuesday evening was a fantastic celebration of all the marvellous achievements the community has had throughout 2022. I thank all the staff, and particularly Ms Tammy Sleeth, who contributed to such a professional, slick production for the event. It was entertaining, enjoyable, and on time. I congratulate all the students who received an award for the year. Well done on being selected as the outstanding student in the various categories.

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Coming Up in Week 7 Term 4

11 November 2022

Today around Australia, and in so many countries across the world, people paused to recognised the sacrifices of many. This morning, the College held two ceremonies in the new amphitheatre by the river which created a serene and very solemn setting for staff and students to remember the fallen. I was impressed with the reverence and respect shown by all boys.

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Coming Up in Week 6

04 November 2022

It is with gratitude that we acknowledge our 2022 Seniors who connected the College and brought us together As One throughout the year. This week, our 2023 Seniors officially unveiled their theme for 2023 – Pave the Way, and the banners have been raised across the campus at special annual rituals in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. Staff and students took part in this rite of passage as our leaders committed to pave the way for a continued relationships, house connections and brotherly camaraderie with Staff and students in 2023.

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Coming Up Week 5

28 October 2022

After a very full first few weeks of the term the focus this week was very much in the classroom. With only four weeks to go to the end of the school year, the attention is very much on completing units of work and assessment. To best support our young people having visible copies of their assessment calendar is important. Pressure builds towards the end of any term, and young people naturally look for avoidance. We need to all work together to maintain their focus and keep their attention on the things they can manage and control.

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Coming Up Week 4

21 October 2022

Fortunately, the weather was brilliant last weekend for Jazz by the River and I warmly thank the numerous staff and volunteers who facilitated the largest community gathering to be held at ATC for three years. I also thank all the families who supported the event. The talented musicians certainly were thrilled to be able to perform in such a magnificent setting in front of the large crowd. If you have not already, I encourage everyone to complete the online feedback form to provide us with information to make next year’s event even better.

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