Coming Up

Coming Up Week 7

29 May 2020

As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition, we are committed to playing our humble part in the journey of recognition and reconciliation. We are in the middle of National Reconciliation Week. A week that celebrates a significant time in the history of our country.

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Coming Up Week 6

22 May 2020

Staff have genuinely missed the boys – they are the reason we do what we do. I cannot wait to see all the warm welcomes, good humour, banter, patience, and positive relationships that are always evident between our staff and students when we all gather together on Monday.

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Coming Up Week 10

27 March 2020

CommUNITY keeps us connected and makes this big world feel like a small village. Thank you to our teachers who are working collaboratively and collectively as one vital unit in this ever changing situation. Thank you to our students whose calm approach to their school work and smiling faces ensured we all faced this challenging week together as one, with courage and optimism. We also thank the health sector staff in our community who are working long hours and caring for those who are unwell. We pray for those who are sick and the families who have been affected by COVID19.

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Coming Up Week 9

20 March 2020

Attention across the Nation has been consumed by COVID-19 discussions and at ATC, staff are trying to maintain a sense of normality for students, in addition to planning for different possible scenarios into the future. Our current focus is on assessment.

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Coming Up in Week 7

06 March 2020

It was energising to visit several of our camps this week. The outdoor education program is a significant part of our holistic education. With Mr Ryan, we were able to visit our students across six different venues, plus I have seen three of our Year 10 groups based at ATC and been in contact with many other groups. The overwhelming observations and feedback have been one of calmness, positivity and fun.

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