Co-curricular Activities

Sport Week 1 Term 1

29 December 2017

Please download the link below to see the WEEK 1 timetable for Term 1 and don’t hesitate to contact the Sport Department if you require more details.

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Triathlon & Aquathlon – Season Wrap

30 November 2017

Well, with the running of our last targeted race last Sunday we have come to the end of the ATC Triathlon Program for 2017 and what another fantastic year we have all had. Our junior athletes have been the stars of the show again this year. Right from the first dark and cold training sessions in August they turned up each morning and swam, ran, biked and transitioned with gusto. We very quickly saw a dedicated group of 25 junior athletes commit themselves to the new season.

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Music at ATC

29 November 2017

Please use the links below to download the 2018 Cultural Handbook, 2018 Co-curricular Music timetable and 2018 Ensembles Lists. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to email the Music Department.

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It's Raining Hope and Positivity

23 November 2017

As I reflect on the Co-curricular year that has been 2017, I can’t help but think of rain. Without doubt, it has been the wettest year in my time at the College. We have had to cancel or postpone or cut short Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Jazz by the River and the Spring Music Concert! Countless games of cricket and training sessions have had to be called off, with rain clouds being a regular visitor to Brisbane.

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Strength is at the Core of our Program

16 November 2017

Do you remember your own childhood swinging from the monkey bars, climbing trees and riding your bike around the neighbourhood for much of the day? Sadly, over the last 10 years much of the play equipment has disappeared from our parks and the roads have become too busy for kids to ride around. The impact of modern society is felt by our children who have a diminished physical development and lower physical capabilities.

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