Co-curricular Activities

Meet the Coach Developer

10 November 2022

The ATC Sport Office is very excited to welcome Jordan Cassidy, who is currently working at ATC as part of a partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Jordan works in the coach development space and is conducting research in skill acquisition.

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Jazz - Back by the River

26 October 2022

In 2015 Jazz by the River event relied on the support of our music families, and although not a large event, it a huge success. The following year, the event grew bigger and attracted a wide circle of music enthusiasts from the ATC community and in response, the venue changed to accommodate large numbers.

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The Colourful Autumn Concert

05 April 2022

The traditional end-of-term concert is a crucial part of any school music program as a forum for sharing our musicians hard work in lessons, rehearsals and practise rooms. It is a celebration, and a bringing together of a community to share in music making full of unexpected moments and where individuals overcome great challenges and teams work together in accomplishing common goals.

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Tackling Sport with Optimism and Compassion

17 February 2022

Term One Sport is well underway with the start of AFL, Cricket, Swimming, and Volleyball. It has been great to see all the students getting involved and there is clearly a lot of excitement for the term ahead. Our AFL players and cricketers compete weekly against schools from the Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) organisation, while our volleyballers have fixtures in the Greater Brisbane Conference (GBC) and against some Greater Public Schools (GPS). The Swimming Program is jam packed with a series of meets leading into the GBC and AIC Championship meets.

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