Co-curricular Activities

eSports - Our Newest Club

03 March 2021

eSports (the ‘e’ stands for epic) has swept Asia and is now taking off in Australia. No wonder! The 21st century is looking for athletes who impress with their cerebral fire-power and manual dexterity rather than the Stone Age skills of running (often into one another) and using clubs (or ‘rackets’ if you insist). Mr Schaab’s eSports Club is in training and our Senior team has soared to 2nd place in the XP High School League QLD Conference and our Year 7s-10s have commenced training to take on other schools in Term 2.

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For the Love of Music

07 August 2020

A closer look at Mrs Catherine Esbensen

Our talented Mrs Esbensen teaches oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon and saxophone at ATC and has been a member of the Music Department ‘Dream Team’ since 1999.

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Sharni Webb - From the Classroom to the Footy Field

16 June 2020

Recently, the ABC interviewed ATC teacher and Brisbane Lions player Sharni Webb. Sharni is Assistant Head of Year 9 and deftly manages her dual professional roles in the classroom and on the footy field with aplomb but admits the upheaval of this year’s season and the students learning from home have presented her with an opportunity for growth.

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Paddling Along

17 September 2019

At Ambrose Treacy College we pride ourselves on offering ‘Something for Every Boy’. There are more than 40 sports and activities for boys to choose from so no matter their interest, skill or prowess, whether it is running, rugby, swimming, cricket, fishing, cooking or football, we guarantee boys will find something to keep them active, fit and healthy.

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An Ecological Conversation of the Heart and Mind

09 September 2019

It is no secret that environmental challenges facing the world are growing in scale and complexity. These may include climate change; an emerging global crisis in water availability and water pollution; record loss of biodiversity and long-term damage to ecosystems; pollution of the atmosphere, deforestation and land degradation to name a few concerning and growing environmental factors currently endured throughout the world.

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