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80 Year Celebrations

In October 2018 we mark a significant milestone in the history of the College by celebrating 80 years of education on the Witton Creek Reach of the Brisbane River. From Sunday 14 October to Saturday 20 October we will reflect on the history and celebrate the future of the College with daily events.


Our 80 Year Celebration Mass starts our week of Formal Celebrations and we invite all members of our community to join us on Sunday 14 October in the Nudgee Junior Hall at 9:30am.

This is a significant occasion where past, present and future students and families of both Nudgee Junior and Ambrose Treacy College along with former staff and current staff come together as one community.

The theme of the mass will be one of hope, of gratitude and of brotherhood for our fellow people. We constantly challenge the young men of Ambrose Treacy College to be different and be the positive presence in the wider community just as Jesus, Edmund and Ambrose did all those years ago. Following Mass there will be the unveiling of the 80 Year Timeline and a morning tea. To assist with catering would you please CLICK HERE to RSVP.

Fr. John Gillen SM, College Chaplain, will preside over the Mass.



On Monday 15 October all staff and students are encouraged to dress in period costumes that reflect the fashions over the past 80 years.

Staff and student will compete in the historical dress up competition that showcases the trends and fashion throughout the last 80 years. Fashions and styles have come and gone and we have moved from the 20th century formal fashions of men wearing hats, ties and suit coats and women wearing gloves, hats and matching shoes and handbags to a more relaxed way of dressing in the 21st century. We also get Old School with the perennial and agless Mr Paul Smith who will be sharing the stories behind the 80 Years Timeline, a new addition to the entry of the NJ Hall.

ATC’s Got Talent

Later in the day, we are treated to performances by competitors in this year’s ATC’s Got Talent. This is an opportunity for boys to showcase their skills in the performing arts through a supportive and competitive event. This year we showcase featured performances in music and theatre from Years 4-11. At big lunch, everyone is invited to Nudgee Junior Hall to be part of the audience as boys in the Middle and Senior school show off their skills. Come to be inspired, awed and cheer on your mates!

So we have each decade represented, students and staff are encouraged to choose outfits from these eras:

  • Year 4 will dress in 1930’s
  • Year 5 in 1940’s
  • Year 6 in 1950’s
  • Year 7 in 1960’s
  • Year 8 in 1970’s
  • Year 9 in 1980’s
  • Year 10 in blue and white (NJC colours)
  • Year 11 in blue, white and green (ATC colours)

If students choose to not dress in period costume, they are to come to school in normal Monday uniform. It is not a free dress day.



On Tuesday 16 October, the inaugural ‘Gate to Gate Run’ will be held from the old Nudgee Junior gates to the new Waterford gates on Kate Street.

This event will involve every student in the College, either as a runner for their year level, house team or as a member of the crowd who will form a tunnel for the runners to race from Twigg Street to the Waterford roundabout, Senior School.

Like the UQ Cloisters Race or the Chariots of Fire, this event is raced through the school grounds and is a real sign of the coming of age for the College. At ATC students begin their College life at the ‘bottom of the hill’ in Year 4 where the old Nudgee Junior gates once stood and finish at the top of the hill at Waterford in Year 12. Some join us halfway up the hill and occasionally some leave us before they reach the crest at Waterford. As our Senior students stand on the knoll in 2019, they will look back across the campus and reflect on their journey at ATC. As a nod to our 80 Years Celebrations, students who finish the event in under 80 seconds will get additional bonus points for their House. The race will take on two parts, the first will be 5-10 runners per house, per year level racing to gain points for their house. With events starting every 80 seconds, it will be a fast and furious event! The second part of the event will be a handicapped Gate to Gate race with the 8 winners from each year level. A trophy will be awarded to the Gate to Gate Champion and one House will be named Gate to Gate Champions!

Drama Incursion

Junior School students will take part in Drama Incursion run by our specialist drama teachers. Students will be exposed to some of the techniques and practices of Drama and will use their creativity, imagination and team work to create original products and participate in group games.

Uniform: All students are to wear their PE uniform with running shoes.


On Wednesday 17 October, the opening of ARTery, our exhibition of student artwork from years 4-11 will be held.

During big lunch, all staff and students can visit Westcourt iCentre to view the art, take part in an art workshop and witness some live drawing. The exhibition formally opens at 6pm at Westcourt iCentre, with students, staff, parents and friends invited to view the exhibition and celebrate our artists with tours of the exhibition and refreshments served on the Westcourt Deck. This is a free event.
PLEASE CLICK HERE TO RSVP by Friday 12 October for catering purposes.

Kings College Musicians Visit

In addition, on Wednesday, Kings School from Auckland will be visiting us as part of their international music tour. Kings School is similar to our own, being an all-boys school from Prep to Year 8 that encourages participation in the arts. They have a particularly strong music program that has a vibrant and dynamic approach to engaging students in learning and performing. They will be performing for our Junior School in the Nudgee Junior Hall from 8.45am to 9.30am. The touring band will also be interacting with our Wind Ensemble members in a combined workshop that morning. During this exchange we will be learning new music from our New Zealand counter parts and sharing what we have learned. The Wind Ensemble will workshop pieces including The River Kwai March; Seven Nation Army; and Engines of Resistance. We look forward to this exciting international collaboration.

Uniform: All students are to wear their normal Wednesday uniform except for Wind Ensemble members, who will wear their full formal uniform including suitcoat and tie.


On Thursday 18 October staff and students will enjoy a BBQ lunch and games on Brothers oval.

2500 sausages, for 1050 boy cooked and served in just one hour? Challenge accepted! The meat, bread and sauce will be abundant as we celebrate our Irish traditions and House groups during big lunch. Following a long held College tradition of a ‘Sausage in Bread’, each School (Junior, Middle and Senior) will compete across their House Groups in a series of lunchtime activities. These include handball, red rover, capture the flag, basketball shootouts and the mysterious, ‘Fill the Bucket’ challenge. Sources tell us that Ulster are rightfully the red hot favourites to take the honours but Munster, Leinster and Connacht will be competitive and ruthless when it comes to winning the 80 Years Cup. All boys are encouraged to participate with enthusiasm, passion and pride and wear their House shirts.
PLEASE CLICK HERE if you can volunteer on the BBQ.

Uniform: All students are to wear their PE uniform.


On Friday 19 October, winners of ATC’s Got Talent will perform for the whole school at a special assembly.

Also competition winners for writing, photography and the best dressed student from Monday’s Historical Dress day will be announced at Assembly.

Staff vs Students Touch Football Game

Our 80 Years celebrations will bring together another chapter of our Staff v Student games. On Friday 19 October ATC staff take on a team of ATC students in a Touch Football game to celebrate our proud sporting history. We have chosen Touch Football as it is the greatest representation of our sporting history. Going back to the Nudgee Junior days, Rugby Union was always a part of the school culture and it continues its proud traditions today at ATC. While some of the boys probably wish they could play a game of Rugby against the staff, we have chosen Touch Football to test the fitness and agility of all players. We invite all students, staff and parents to come along to the oval at Big Lunch to witness some sporting prowess!

Uniform: All students are to wear their PE uniform and running shoes. Students performing on assembly may choose to wear their day uniform and bring PE uniform to change into.



On Saturday 20 October, the week culminates with Jazz by the River.

This year, our festival gives a nod to our past with the theme of 1930’s Swing Music performed by ATC ensembles and the ‘Swing Era Big Band’. At 8.30pm there will be a spectacular fireworks show on the Brisbane River. This is our biggest community event of the year, and we cordially invite all families to come along for an afternoon of great music, good food and loads of family fun.

Why not bring a picnic dinner or pre-order a meal, sit on the hill and sip a beverage from the licensed Glenn Miller Bar. You can take in the river views as you relax and soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the talents of students and staff as they showcase their musical, artistic and drama prowess. There will be seven bands and ensembles performing, a Visual Art Exhibition and stalls. It will be a great evening for the whole family. Please join us for the most exciting event on the College calendar.
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