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2020b – The Shortest Year on Record

Staff Blogger, Sam Brown
Head of Leinster House

What a weird year. A year like no other and it is only just beginning! As the school transitioned all students back to face to face learning this week, it is almost like a new school year has just begun.

In the space of three months, our young men have experienced a world of panic buying, a world of isolation and a world of online learning; something that as parents we never experienced as a kid. So, I am proposing that we now begin 2020b! A fresh start and a fresh perspective. This will be the shortest year on record but one where we now know what the most significant things are in our lives. For me, it is family, friends, and faith.

All ideals that revolve around love.

The most wonderful thing about watching the year 11 and 12’s come back to the College was their love towards one another. It was their understanding of what Ambrose Treacy College means to them. A love and appreciation of the other. A family, their friends and connection to faith. The rest of our COURAGEOUS young men have hit the ground running this week with a newfound love of Ambrose Treacy College.

Our year 12’s have faced a difficult return to school and jumping back into a routine of the normal. However, they have also said this was the best part of coming back to school. Routine creates normality in a young man’s life and this gives them the best chance for success.

Talk to your son about embracing the expectations of himself before anything else. It is important that we strive as parents and as teachers to provide the guiding light to our young men of courage and help them back into their routine. It is going to be hard for some of our students to get back on board and they might be feeling anxious about where they are at in their learning in certain classes. I am here to tell you that this is totally normal and okay. What can we do?

Well considering this is the start of the 2020b, it is time to make those New Year’s Resolutions.

Below is my plan to start off (again) the New Year with a bang!

1. Centre yourself: focus on what you are grateful for that day.
2. Sit in silence for a few minutes: self-explanatory, just try not to think.
3. Self-reflect: Think about how many times you asked that day “What will they think?”
4. Write it down: How will I be authentic if I am cautious about being myself?
5. Tune of the negativity: Turn off the media when it becomes too negative.
6. Take Action: Smile more, tune in and be you. Adapted from: psychcentral

My challenge to you is to model this with your son this week and share your number 1 grateful thought. This is what is most important more than ever….. to remember all the things we are grateful for.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And may 2020b be the best, shortest year you have ever had!

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