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Hey, You're Going the Wrong Way

14 August 2017

So much happens in our world and I often find myself reflecting on not only my own encounters but also on wider societal issues. Generally I suppose I consider myself to be reflective – and this can be an issue in itself. Over reflective and it can be a death of over analysis and not enough reflection it can be a recipe for an ill-informed outcome. If only we had the ability to make a decision after the event – the rear view mirror.

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The Nature of Science

15 August 2017

Scientists use their knowledge of principles, concepts and theories, along with scientific processing skills, to construct new explanations to understand the natural world. This is known as scientific inquiry and is the very nature of science and the work of scientists.

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When the City Meets the Country

16 August 2017

August winds, colds and flus, midweek holidays; it must be EKKA time again. The Brisbane Exhibition is a living, breathing institution in our city. We all have our fondest – or most negative – views on the show. Showbags, sideshow alley, strawberries and cream, fireworks and bull parades. I recall countless hours spent pouring through the showbag guide looking for bargains, or desperately trying to influence my teachers to disregard the booklet we needed to fill in on our school EKKA excursion. The bringing together of two communities, the city and the country, is a wonderful event of energy, laughter and learning.

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Musical Milestones

17 August 2017

This weekend will see a significant milestone for the musicians and singers of Ambrose Treacy College at the Queensland Catholic Colleges Musical Festival at Villanova College. Our music program is massive, not just in size and sound but also in the complexity of bringing together over 300 boys and dozens of staff who share a common love for and talent in music. American musician, conductor, author and composer Leonard Slatkin tells us that” The role of an orchestra in the 21st century isn’t just playing, it’s about developing future audiences and performers”. As a late in life convert to music appreciation, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we might be tempted to think that we are educating our boys in music, yet the lessons that they provide us are arguably as significant as the mastery of instruments that our boys will demonstrate this weekend. As one of the ATC Co-curricular music programs biggest fans, I would suggest that the following life lessons are on show every day.

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What's Coming Up for Week 7

18 August 2017

A special day, Ambrose Treacy Day, was celebrated on Tuesday with a range of Activities for each year level. Year 4 were involved in World of Maths, Year 5 experienced a step back in time to the Eureka Gold Rush excursion and Year 6 dissected fish and painted a collaborative piece of wall art to commemorate their time in the Junior School.

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Week 5 on Rewind

11 August 2017

Here’s this week’s video wrap up from Mr Senior. Just type in the ATC Vimeo password for 2017 and see what we have been up to during another busy and fun week:

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In Your Community Week 5

11 August 2017

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who helped make the ATC House Lunch on Friday such a success. Your sons certainly appreciate it and this is what makes ATC such a great community. The AFL Boys Day Out was a great success with 64 attendees heading to the Gabba last Saturday to watch the Lions and the Western Bulldogs fight it out. ATC Warriors got a shout out on the score board before the game began, and then the co-hort of ATC Warriors cheered loud and proud and ended with joining the crowd to kick the footy around on the Gabba ground. Many thanks to Scott Kiel-Chisholm and his trusty helpers for coordinating this event and making it a reality, and also to Dave Capra for assisting with the Shout Out and the Gabba Community Programs Team.

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