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The Dawning of a Positive Era

12 November 2018

There is so much happening in our lives. Whether it is on a local school level, on a family level, in our local community, on a national level or an international level there is very rarely a time that we don’t get preoccupied with something. Sadly not all things that occupy our attention are positive. The media and social media have perfected the art of sensationalism and they both thrive on the power of negativity.

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Futureproofing Your Son - Virtual Becomes Reality

07 November 2018

Virtual reality has been around for decades, however application in classrooms varies from school to school. The topic has mainly been restricted to digital technology and technology fields, however there are many applications across curriculum that can enhance the learning and enjoyment of lessons for students in different subject areas.

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The Power of Immersions

08 November 2018

Excitement is building within a group of Year 11 students as they continue their preparation for the ATC India Immersion. They will depart on their adventure on the 30 November. The importance of travel should not be underestimated. At Friday’s College assembly three staff and ten students were commissioned for the upcoming India Immersion. This will be the first ATC overseas immersion.

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Prized Opportunity

14 November 2018

Premier Palaszczuk said the Premier’s Anzac Prize engages the younger generation in understanding the Anzac tradition and how the Anzac spirit has helped shape our Australian way of life.

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All That's Coming Up in Week 6

09 November 2018

WOW – what an outstanding night the college community had on Monday with our annual Night of Excellence. It was a wonderful showcase of everything we are trying to achieve at ATC. There was a balance and celebration of all aspects of College life and it was our contemporary lens on the formal occasion that all schools celebrate. The talents and dedication of our students and staff of Ambrose Treacy College were on full display.

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