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Energised, Revitalised and Ready to Go!

16 July 2018

Welcome to semester two, and I hope for parents it is not a case of feeling ‘thank God they are back at school’. Rather, I hope the holidays afforded families good quality family time and that this latest break saw your sons taking the opportunity to make your life a little easier rather than a lot harder. I know that at this stage a few parents might be smiling and thinking that I am a dreamer; and you are probably right I am a dreamer.

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Correlation Doesn’t Equal Causation

19 June 2018

The fact that event A repeatedly occurs right before event B doesn’t prove that event A causes event B. Maybe they’re connected, or maybe it’s just coincidence. This is the same for both economic and public policy questions. Consumers, businesses and governments decide to do X because they believe Y will follow. But maybe it won’t, because X has nothing to do with Y. This sounds like a Maths lesson but it’s not. Read on:

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Formation | It's Time to Leave your Legacy

20 June 2018

Given the context of his arrival is very different to ours I will compare his legacy to another legacy that we might be more familiar with – The All Blacks. The loss of the Irish rugby team to the Wallabies recently was no surprise to this perpetually frustrated Irish supporter yet the All Blacks win over France was consolation for me as I am also a closet All Blacks fan. Here’s how I reckon the most successful sports team, in any code ever, is similar to Ambrose.

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Update for Start of Term 3

29 June 2018

Semester One Report Cards are now available online through SEQTA engage. Each student’s report includes a significant amount of information including an overall GPA, individual subject overall grades along with individual criteria grades and an Approach to Leaning grade, plus service hours registered and a homeroom teacher comment.

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