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Taking the Simple Path

15 July 2019

Welcome to semester two, and I hope for parents it is not a case of feeling ‘thank God they are back at school’. Rather, I hope the holidays afforded families good quality family time and that this latest break saw your sons taking the opportunity to make your life a little easier rather than a lot harder.

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Learning to be Prepared

16 July 2019

I hope the holiday period provided families with a wonderful opportunity for rest and renewal. Term Three promises to be a busy one, particularly in relation to Learning. Ambrose Treacy is not a College which ‘stands still’ – frankly, this simply hasn’t been possible.

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Looking at Obstacles as Opportunity

11 July 2019

What is the meaning of life? A question most of us have asked in different stages of our life. Another one, what is my purpose? Both significant questions; yet I am sure the answer is different for us all. I spent a great deal of my life questioning why I was here and what my life was all about.

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The Percussionist - A Quintessential Musician

12 June 2019

How is a drum solo like a sneeze? You can tell it’s coming, but you can’t do anything about it.

Yes, I’ve heard them all and you probably have too – jokes about percussion players can be harsh and downright mean! However, percussion is a crucial instrument – it is a big part of the modern day music we all enjoy and it can be found in almost every ensemble we have in our Music program at Ambrose Treacy College.

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Here Comes Term 3!

12 July 2019

Holidays are an opportunity to have a break from normal routines. This hopefully is a refreshing time for staff and students. Term 3 begins next Monday – 15 July – for all students. The day will begin with a College assembly in St Francis Xavier Centre at 8.25 am where we will officially start Semester 2 plus welcome back Mr Senior as College Principal.

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