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Forging New Traditions and Rituals

18 November 2019

Ritual is a terribly important, binding cement in a society. If we abandon formality and rituals, we’re actually weakening the relationships that exist between people that bind.’ Alexander McCall Smith

Every culture, in every part of the world, in every era has engaged in rituals. This would suggest that rituals are a fundamental part of the human condition. Rituals have even been called our most basic form of technology – they are a mechanism that can change things, solve problems, perform certain functions and accomplish tangible results.

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Study Smarter not Harder

13 November 2019

Many studies have been conducted to investigate factors affecting the academic performance of students. Dallas Moffat, Assistant Dean of Learning (Development and Learning Analytics) explores some of those factors in today’s blog.

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Time to Pack Up

15 November 2019

The microcosm that is school has concluded for the young men in the white shirts. Their capacity to contribute to the world will be whatever they have challenged themselves to aspire to, guided by the values they have developed during the ATC journey.

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Paddling Along

17 September 2019

At Ambrose Treacy College we pride ourselves on offering ‘Something for Every Boy’. There are more than 40 sports and activities for boys to choose from so no matter their interest, skill or prowess, whether it is running, rugby, swimming, cricket, fishing, cooking or football, we guarantee boys will find something to keep them active, fit and healthy.

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Coming Up Week 7

15 November 2019

Last night was the crowning event in ATC becoming a Year 4 to 12 College. Our inaugural Mass and Valedictory Dinner was an emotional time celebrating the end of the ATC journey for this outstanding group of young men and their families. For many, nine years, for others less, where ATC has been their community and place of fun, support and success. It was very rewarding to see our first ATC graduates, in becoming our first ‘Old Boys’, be the brightest signal that we are now truly a Year 4 to 12 College.

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