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Principal's Message Week 4

25 October 2021

Our group of Year 12 fellows are underway with their exams with the Music and Economics students leading the way last Friday and a large contingent gathering for breakfast before the General English exam this morning. We continue to pray and hope for their safe passage during this time.

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The Role Reading Plays in Student Wellbeing

19 October 2021

While much is written on the topic of reading, and the importance of libraries in schools, it is often related back to the benefits these things have on literacy. Often overlooked, however, are the myriad positive wellbeing and mental health benefits that reading can have on students – and adults for that matter also! Reading is an innately mindful activity. It stills our busy brains when we become immersed in a good story. In a stressful and busy world, reading can provide a blessed release and act as a balm for our overactive and anxious minds.

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As One ... We Engage

11 October 2021

As a proud Wik Waya man, born and raised on Yuggera, Jagera and Turrbul lands, I firmly believe elders near and far would have smiles on their faces. As the 2022 College Captain, I will draw on their collective strength, courage and wisdom throughout my tenure.

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Robotics Club Prepare for Lego League 2021

25 August 2021

This year will be the first time ATC has competed since 2019, which is very exciting for our Robotics Club members. Students recently received this years challenge kit called Cargo Connect, which explores the future of transportation.

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Coming Up in Week Four

22 October 2021

It is only mid October but our Year 12 students sat in their final classes ever on Tuesday. After two days of SWOTVAC they began their external ATAR examinations today. We continue to pray the Year 12 students remain calm and focused as they undertake these important final examinations. These transition times are always emotional for those involved and this week has been such for our Senior students.

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