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The Lenten Journey

22 February 2021

The journey of the spiritual in an increasingly secular world is challenging for people of all ages. My greatest mentor and dear friend, Brother Vic Larkin, who was the Director of the Xavier Noviciate Training Centre for the Christian Brothers here on our school site, was an amazing man.

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Inclusive Practice is Best Practice!

24 February 2021

Why Inclusive Education? Kate Watts, Assistant Dean of Learning – Inclusive Practices answers this often asked question and believes this is incredibly important to bring to the forefront of all educational conversations.

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For the Love of Music

07 August 2020

A closer look at Mrs Catherine Esbensen

Our talented Mrs Esbensen teaches oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon and saxophone at ATC and has been a member of the Music Department ‘Dream Team’ since 1999.

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Coming Up in Camp Week

26 February 2021

Congratulations to the Swim Team Captains and the Senior AFL squad who were presented to the College Assembly this week. The Co Captains of the Swim team, Zack McArdle and Euan McArdle, will be supported by fellow Open Team Members, Tim Geers, Mitchell Densley and Xavier Cuolahan. We wish the swim squad all the best as they tackle quality swimmers in lead up meets and then the GBC Carnival at Chandler on Friday 19 March.

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