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Inspirational Leaders and Role Models

04 May 2021

The people who have given us hope, peace and a better life

On 5 May, Edmund Rice communities around the world celebrate the life of our Founder and the mission of our schools and ministries. The Edmund Rice Network is truly international and the date of 5 May was selected as all schools are in attendance throughout the world at this time and can usually pause to join in solidarity with Mass and Eucharist.

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Learning to Know

11 March 2021

Staff Blogger Dallas Moffat – Assistant Dean of Learning – Student Development and Learning Analytics

At ATC, we aspire to develop highly literate students who know how to learn, problem solve, create, critique and reflect. To support this vision for learning and foster a learning culture, the College provides opportunities that teach our students the skills and strategies of independent learning.

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Grand Designs

06 May 2021

We are currently in the ‘Build’ phase of the 2021 Seniors’ theme of ‘Belong’ which continues to influence and inspire our staff and students. It begs the question regarding our Men of Courage Framework: ‘What exactly are we building?’

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eSports - Our Newest Club

03 March 2021

eSports (the ‘e’ stands for epic) has swept Asia and is now taking off in Australia. No wonder! The 21st century is looking for athletes who impress with their cerebral fire-power and manual dexterity rather than the Stone Age skills of running (often into one another) and using clubs (or ‘rackets’ if you insist). Mr Schaab’s eSports Club is in training and our Senior team has soared to 2nd place in the XP High School League QLD Conference and our Year 7s-10s have commenced training to take on other schools in Term 2.

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Coming Up Week 4

07 May 2021

Week 3 has been filled with prayerful celebration, plenty of Mother-son love, intense classroom learning, plus plenty of co-curricular activities. As usual, our boys have been kept very busy.

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