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Finding Time for Joy

17 September 2018

The English playwright William Congreve once commented that ‘uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life.’ Congreve’s comments could well be written about the youth of today and in particular the young men of Ambrose Treacy College. As the term draws to its slow end, I have reflected on the term’s journey and once again it has been filled with plenty of surprises.

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Artists: The Gatekeepers of Humanity and Generators of Change

18 September 2018

The arts have existed for long as humanity itself, and their evolutions are intertwined. Not only do the arts offer a lens into historical and contemporary social issues, but also provide a medium in which we can sustain and challenge these ideas. Artists are the gatekeepers of our cultural values and generators of change. Their work guides our morals and ethics, and reminds us about what it is to be human.

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Get Gritty

12 September 2018

Last Tuesday morning the Senior students were lucky enough to listen to experienced rugby union coach and former teacher Tony McGahan. Tony has had a decorated coaching career and is also an experienced teacher. Tony presented on many important topics relevant to young men including building a team culture and how your academic performance can shape your future. He outlined that GRIT was one of the most important qualities that contributes to success.

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Character Building Moments

06 September 2018

In the 1960s English Prime Minister Harold Wilson is renowned for saying that “a week is a long time in politics”. The same can be said about sport! On Tuesday my wife Sarah sent me a text during the day to tell me that John MIllman had defeated Roger Federer, one of the biggest upsets in tennis history and a truly commendable effort for a person who has persevered through much adversity to remain focused on his goals.

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Coming Up for Term 4

21 September 2018

To conclude Term 3, we commenced the day with our End of Term Liturgy, followed by a celebration of learning and service through various avenues including a raft regatta, Eureka Stockade in Year 5, exam block and a Year 6 charity sleepover. The annual Year 4 raft race was held today in the pool. The rafts, made from milk bottles, are linked to our studies in Humanities and English on “The First Fleet.” As part of the Regatta, the students shared lunch together and enjoyed a swim afterwards.

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