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Out There Supporting Each Other

01 June 2020

We have been very pleased with the transition back to on site teaching and learning. It feels extraordinary that it has only been a week. The boys have generally settled back into usual routine and process well. Thank you for your terrific support of your sons and the College.

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Changing the Conversation about Climate Change

02 June 2020

Staff Blogger Annie Connolly
Coordinator of Geography Years 7-12

As a Geography teacher – it is perhaps unsurprising that I am asked about climate change a great deal. On more than one occasion I have been confronted by people who are steadfast in their belief that climate change isn’t occurring or that the warming we are experiencing is part of the natural process of warming and cooling that has occurred over the 4+ billion years of our planet’s existence.

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Faith in an Uncertain World

04 June 2020

Staff Blogger Danika Ehlers
Head of Religious Education

In the opening days of March, I, along with many in our community felt a sense of growing fear and anxiety as the realities of a worldwide pandemic became apparent. We looked on, feeling helpless, as our brothers and sisters overseas suffered. As panic grew in the world around us, I found a sense of calm in prayer, both private and communal. In the midst of confusion and anxiety I felt a sense of calm in the gift of faith and I hope this has brought comfort to you and your families also.

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Paddling Along

17 September 2019

At Ambrose Treacy College we pride ourselves on offering ‘Something for Every Boy’. There are more than 40 sports and activities for boys to choose from so no matter their interest, skill or prowess, whether it is running, rugby, swimming, cricket, fishing, cooking or football, we guarantee boys will find something to keep them active, fit and healthy.

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Coming Up Week 7

29 May 2020

As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition, we are committed to playing our humble part in the journey of recognition and reconciliation. We are in the middle of National Reconciliation Week. A week that celebrates a significant time in the history of our country.

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