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Leading the Way Forward

20 May 2019

There is no question that there are a number of core skills that most good leaders have. At ATC, our student leaders are kind, personable, build compassionate relationships and have a respect for others. They are young men of character, engaged learners and true signs of faith. Our formation framework develops courageous leaders who proudly contribute to the College and their community and I am proud to say that our College leaders for 2020 embody all these attributes and more.

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Feeling Sleepy?

22 May 2019

ATC students are generally fit and healthy and come to school focused every day and ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

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Why Did You Choose ATC?

15 May 2019

Some of you may know that my son is in Year 3. Currently, my wife and I are investigating a range of schools for him to begin in Year 5. The obvious answer is ATC, but I’m not convinced I want him to go the same school as where I work. As great a school as ATC is, he may never get the chance to grow up with his school being ‘his’ thing. I’d hate for him to think I was always looking over his shoulder, and I’d hate to be tempted to do it.

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A Carnival with a Rich History

09 May 2019

This July, the inaugural Ambrose Treacy College Rugby League team will travel to Bundaberg to compete in the 2019 Confraternity Rugby League Carnival. Having started in 1980, this event has grown into the largest schoolboy carnival in Australia with 48 schools competing in three divisions. Hosted by Shalom College, the carnival begins with a welcome mass in which all 48 schools attend. Students will then compete in six games over five days of competition, culminating in the selection of the Honorary Confraternity Team on the final day.

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See What's Coming Up Week 5

17 May 2019 |

We congratulate Mitchell Bradshaw, Thomas Kearney, Jack Hewson, Tom Perissinotto, Rory Kerr and Raphael Barcelon on their nominations for 2020 College Captain and Vice-Captain positions. Nominated by their peers and short listed for these positions, this week they addressed their cohort with their vision for Leadership in 2020. It was a privilege to listen to the nominees speak with such pride and passion for our College and our mission. On Monday, Mr Gardiner will officially announce our 2020 Leaders.

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