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The Wonder and the Wonderful in Life

16 September 2019

Life is always interesting. In the space of a day you can experience a variety of emotions. On Friday evening I was fortunate to share the excitement of our 1st V and 2nd V Basketball teams winning their Grand Finals in their club basketball seasons – each game went to the wire and resulted in close wins and wild celebrations.

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Encouraging Reading Engagement in Pre-teens and Adolescents

27 August 2019

Watching my children learn to read has been one of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of my parenting journey. They moved through the role-play reading stage, began decoding letters and sounds and experienced the thrill of spotting known sight words in favourite books. The repeated reading of well-worn staples meant they could recite the stories off-by-heart and we all looked forward to the nightly pleasure of shared reading.

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Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers

10 September 2019

As we close the book on this term and look to a fast finishing 2019, exams and assignments are at the forefront of many ATC minds. With the realisation of final grades for year 12’s, transitions for year 6, our year 9’s lapping the tide for senior school and the year 11’s venturing into QCAA’s new system, the mental wellbeing and health of all can be a concern. So today I am here to tell you, we need to be like the Zebra. Why the Zebra you may ask….. Well it’s simple. Zebra’s don’t get ulcers.

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Paddling Along

17 September 2019

At Ambrose Treacy College we pride ourselves on offering ‘Something for Every Boy’. There are more than 40 sports and activities for boys to choose from so no matter their interest, skill or prowess, whether it is running, rugby, swimming, cricket, fishing, cooking or football, we guarantee boys will find something to keep them active, fit and healthy.

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Coming Up Week 10

13 September 2019

It has been a very busy and positive term with staff and students very much looking forward to the holidays. There are significant celebrations, carnivals and learning activities planned for each day of Week 10. The windy weather has eased, the river was glassy and our Fishing Club members enjoyed throwing in a line this morning practicing for next weekend’s trip to the Gold Coast waterways.

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