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Learning today… at Ambrose Treacy College

At Ambrose Treacy College academic excellence is about each boy striving towards his personal best. We believe engaged and motivated boys achieve their personal best and the curriculum has been designed with this in mind. We focus on the following practices, which have been at the heart of Nudgee Junior College for more than 75 years.

  • Expectations & Communication: Put simply, our teachers know our students well, listen to them and engage with them. They have high expectations for all students.
  • Teaching Methods: We use a range of teaching strategies to engage our students, because we know that boys’ needs and learning abilities vary from one person to the next.
  • Theoretical & Practical: Our teaching involves both a theoretical and practical approach to learning. Where possible, we encourage students to participate, to ensure both theoretical and practical learning, which results in better understanding.
  • Feedback & Encouragement: Our teachers provide our students with ongoing feedback and encouragement so they understand their own strengths and weaknesses. This gives our boys a very real and customised approach to working harder in the right areas so they can better manage their school work and aim to improve.
  • Keeping It Real: We ensure we’re open, flexible, fair and consistent in dealing with students and above all, we make sure we maintain a sense of humour.
  • Community Care: Making connections in their learning with the wider community is important, as we believe learning should be seen as having real world relevance.

We believe learning at Ambrose Treacy College is all about balance. A balanced offering across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Humanities and the Arts allows boys to grow and excel across the many facets of their emerging self. Here, learning does not start and stop at the classroom door. The rich co-curricular life of the school complements what happens inside the classroom to enable boys to achieve the kind of balanced life that will set them up well for a healthy, happy adulthood.

We also ensure the integration of information technology across all curriculum areas. No longer just a subject in its own right, the use of information technologies is a part of how the 21st century learner discovers the world and responds to it. A careful selection of devices chosen specifically to suit the needs of learners at the various stages of the schooling, ensures a seamless transition from the learner as a consumer to a creator.

One of the most important features of any school is the quality of its teachers. The teachers here at Ambrose Treacy College specialise in boys’ education. They know the structures needed to help them manage the organisational side of their learning. They understand the physical nature of boys and they enjoy the type of learning environment that capitalises on this strength. All teachers, across each of the learning areas, are committed to challenging and supporting boys to the highest standards of literacy and understand the benefits of consistency from one class to another. Most of all, they enjoy working with boys. The mateship, humour and fun boys bring to the classroom are valued by our teachers.