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Junior School

Learning today… at Ambrose Treacy College


The vision of the Junior School at Ambrose Treacy College is to provide learning experiences that motivate and engage primary school students to strive towards their personal best. Ambrose Treacy College Junior School stands on 76 years of experience in meeting the specific learning needs of boys as the successor to Nudgee Junior College.
At Ambrose Treacy College, the student is at the centre of our teaching. The Australian Curriculum is covered in engaging ways which reflects boys’ interests and learning styles. We strive to create an environment where students can take responsible risks and feel safe in attempting the unfamiliar. We use a significant variety of teaching approaches and outstanding facilities to create a stimulating learning environment.

Key to building a confident and successful learner is a strong foundation in literacy skill, which is a feature of our Junior School. A school-wide approach to the explicit teaching of literacy skills and differentiated delivery allows our teachers to challenge and support boys to become competent and confident readers and writers. Our focus is to improve confidence and capacity in all areas of literacy and strengthen it across all curriculum areas.

Boys access the Australian Curriculum in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Japanese, Music, Health & Physical Education, Technology and Visual Arts. We value core teachers building rapport and establishing a respectful relationship with their students while focussing on many subject areas. These relationships are echoed by our specialist teachers who deliver Japanese, Music, Visual Arts, iSkills and Health & Physical Education lessons. Ambrose Treacy College seeks to distinguish itself from other schools by implementing programs to enhance student learning and give positive experiences at school through iSkills, Religious Education and Formation. Through iSkills we teach research skills and digital technology to assist students in their studies of content areas. Our Religious Education program focusses on our school pillars of Service, Learning and Leadership as displayed in our lives, our community and the Gospel. Formation looks at the student as a learner and as an individual to build them as young gentlemen who seek to achieve their potential.

Ambrose Treacy College Junior School is an engaging primary school learning environment that values students and encourages them to achieve their personal best.