Learning in the Senior School

Learning today… at Ambrose Treacy College


At Ambrose Treacy College, the Senior phase of learning commences in Year 10. Staff will work with students in the Senior School to build both their capacity to make decisions around their post-school pathway, as well as their preparedness for that pathway. A feature of the Senior School at Ambrose Treacy College, will be the close tracking and academic mentoring of students, to ensure they are maximising their opportunities through achievement of the Queensland Certificate of Education.

Ambrose Treacy College commits to offering our students various pathways to success. Students will be able to choose from different Senior Pathways, including an ATAR eligible pathway, VET pathway and the Queensland Certificate of Individual Education. All pathways are held in high esteem and allow students to experience a myriad of opportunities and find success. Students have the opportunity to graduate with a range of certificates and qualifications, including the Queensland Certificate of Education, Queensland Certificate of Individual Education and VET qualifications.

Students in Year 10 are prepared for future pathways both through subject selection processes and through pedagogy. Structurally, students are permitted a greater degree of subject specialisation such that they can focus on their key pathway subjects and the ways of learning within those subjects. Teachers of Year 10 students understand that their pedagogy must reflect the requirements of the ATAR programs. In addition to assessing students by instrument specific marking guides that map to the requirements of the Senior courses, teachers also provide direct focussed instruction on the cognitions emphasised by the Marzano and Kendall framework, which underpins Senior syllabi.

Subjects currently being offered across the Senior School are diverse and provide opportunities for students with wide-ranging pathways. These subjects include:

Year 10

- English and Essential English
- Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics
- Science: Biology/Chemistry/Physics
- Religious Education
- Accounting & Economics
- Building & Construction
- Digital Solutions
- Design
- Drama
- Geography
- History
- Japanese
- Media Arts
- Music
- Physical Education
- Sport & Recreation
- Visual Art
- Cert I Hospitality SIT10216
- Curriculum Release & Support

Years 11 and 12

- Accounting
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Design
- Digital Solutions
- Drama
- Economics
- English
- Geography
- Japanese
- Mathematics: General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics
- Modern History
- Music
- Physical Education
- Physics
- Study of Religion
- Visual Art
- Curriculum Release & Support

- Essential English
- Essential Mathematics
- Media Arts in Practice
- Religion and Ethics
- Visual Arts in Practice

Certificates and Diplomas
- Building & Construction Skills and (CPC10111) Cert I in Construction
- Cert II Hospitality (SIT20316)
- Cert III Business (BSB30115)
- Cert III Fitness (SIS30315)
- Diploma of Business (BSB50215)

In addition, students in the Senior School can explore options to study the TAFE in Schools program