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Counselling Services

Professional Counsellors on staff provide support to our young people so may they work through challenges that may be limiting their engagement in life and learning. Counsellors are also available to work directly with parents and other staff to provide support to seek positive change.

Counselling at ATC provides a voluntary, confidential, non-judgemental and safe environment where the person coming to counselling may discuss and reflect upon whatever challenges are present in their life. Confidentiality means that anything discussed will remain private unless permission is given to share. There may be circumstances when an individual is at risk or in danger and in those situations the Counsellor is required by law to report this to the appropriate authority. Counselling at ATC, students are supported to express themselves, deal with problems, make decisions, set and achieve goals and feel unconditionally supported. Young people undergo many changes as they journey through adolescence. In addition to physical changes there are changes to thought processes, emotions, values, relationships and a sense of identity.

Below are some resources to utilize including the link to School TV, our website full of helpful resources, videos, blogs and parent advice.

Resources in support

• Depression – click here
• Anxiety – click here
• Self-Harm – click here
• Anger – click here
• Bullying – click here
• Grief and Loss – click here
• Sleep – click here
• Alcohol and Other Drugs – click here
• Relationships and Sex – click here
• Sexuality and Gender – click here
ATC School TV click here

Ms Siobhan Brophy – College Counsellor Junior School – brophys@atc.qld.edu.au
Ms Jane Ellice – College Counsellor Middle School – ellicej@atc.qld.edu.au
Ms Keith Halpin – College Counsellor Senior School – halpink@atc.qld.edu.au