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ATC College House Crests and Mascots

As an acknowledgement of our Irish Heritage the four Houses of Ambrose Treacy College are named after the four provinces of Ireland: Connacht (green), Leinster (blue), Munster (red) and Ulster (gold). Connacht is located in the west, Leinster in the east, Munster in the south and Ulster in the north of Ireland. The design for the respective House Crests was adapted from the coats of arms of Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster. The respective House Mascots were inspired from Irish Mythology as well as the respective histories of the four provinces.

The Houses are known as the:

Connacht Saints
Connacht is famous for its saints and scholarship. The Connacht Saint is inspired by St Brendan of Clonfert known for his bold voyages in pursuit of excellence in faith and scholarship.

Leinster Giants
Leinster is famous for many stories and characters throughout Irish mythology. The Leinster Giant is inspired from a giant hunter-warrior named Fionmac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool) known for his brave adventures as leader of the Fianna warriors.

Munster Kings
Munster is famous for its legendary kings and castles. The most famous was Brian Boru who was the last High King of Ireland and the greatest military leader the country has known.

Ulster Rebels
Ulster is famous for its rebels who strive for justice and freedom throughout Irish mythology. The Ulster Rebel is inspired from the Irish mythological hero CĂș Chulainn who is the most famous of Irish Warriors.