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Michael Senior, Principal

Welcome to Ambrose Treacy College

from the Principal, Michael Senior

Ambrose Treacy College is proudly a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. Together, we strive to be a community where students and staff work and learn together. Proudly built on the rich, 80-year tradition of Nudgee Junior College, we pride ourselves in providing a diverse curriculum that balances innovation with tradition. The educational environment at Ambrose Treacy College challenges and inspires each boy to achieve their personal potential in spiritual, academic, emotional, ethical, social and physical dimensions.

In many ways Ambrose Treacy College is a unique place which caters for lively boys who are intellectually curious, creative and keen to learn. In response to the contemporary needs of boys’ education, we provide an exciting learning environment lead by experienced teachers who appreciate the boys’ energy, humour, unpredictability and imagination. We work hard to create a school that is challenging, yet friendly; demanding, yet supportive; and serious in purpose yet playful in spirit.

The curriculum here at Ambrose Treacy College is rich, balanced and engaging. We unashamedly encourage all students to strive for individual academic excellence. Through our rigorous academic programme, the diverse co-curricular activities and the strong pastoral care system, Ambrose Treacy College students learn to be young men of faith and courage, who are independent, flexible and creative learners and decision makers with a strong sense of responsibility to their community and society as a whole.

By blending traditional and contemporary pedagogies, we focus on learning experiences that allow all students to experience success at their own level. We believe that in order to be successful, boys must be motivated to learn and this is fundamental to everything we offer at Ambrose Treacy College. Cultural dimensions such as music, drama and art are emphasised and celebrated as an integral element of a holistic education. Similarly sport and physical activity are seen as intrinsic parts of both a child’s physical development and his development of values such as co-operation, teamwork and self-discipline.

The pastoral care of students permeates all aspects of Ambrose Treacy College life. Our pastoral care framework strives to provide students with security and understanding and ensures that each boy feels valued and valuable. We recognise that each boy has innate gifts and unique strengths. In working with students across the curriculum, they are encouraged to develop self-discipline and a commitment to work, to set goals and to co-operate as a member of a caring Christian community. Deliberate efforts are made to nurture a family spirit within the school, so that each boy is welcomed, affirmed and supported.

Ambrose Treacy College is an exciting community that wants to make a difference in society by helping to develop young men with a genuine desire to make the world a better place in which to live. Our school is a place of learning and growing. If your son is a young man ready to conquer the world, then Ambrose Treacy College just might be the school to open the door to a whole new world of exciting opportunities. When you send your son to Ambrose Treacy College you can be sure that he will be given every opportunity to reach his full potential and be well prepared for a successful and fulfilling life after school.

Feel free to navigate your way around our website and if you would like more information, or if you’d like a tour of our College, please be sure to make contact with us. Click here to access the 2018 School Report.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Senior
Foundation Principal of Ambrose Treacy College