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College Leadership Team


Michael Senior, Principal

Michael Senior, College Principal

Michael has forty years of experience as a teacher working with boys in EREA schools. He was the Principal of Nudgee Junior College for 8 years and a visionary in the evolution of the expansion of this site into a Years 4-12 campus in 2015. As Foundation Principal of Ambrose Treacy College, Michael has been a key driver in the cultural and physical development of the College over the past five years. In providing vision for Ambrose Treacy College’s growth and development Michael has responsibility for:

• Identity Leadership
• Educational Leadership
• Community & Pastoral Leadership
• Administrative Leadership

David Gardiner, Deputy Principal

David Gardiner, Deputy Principal

David has 30 years of leadership experience as Deputy Principal at St James’ College, St Patrick’s College and for the past 6 years at Ambrose Treacy College. David is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the College including the specific areas of:

• Deputising for the College Principal when necessary;
• Providing strategic leadership for the College;
• Promoting, developing and enhancing the mission, vision and culture of the College
• Developing and implementing plans for the recruitment, induction and Professional Development of staff across the College;
• Responsibility for the timetable structure of the College; and
• Overseeing the IT of the College.

Kath Little, Dean of Learning

Kath Little, Dean of Learning

Kath has extensive leadership experience across systemic, independent and Catholic schools in Queensland and overseas and has worked as an educator for more than 20 years. She holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and has a passion for enhancing learning outcomes for students, change management and school improvement. Kath is responsible for:

• strategic and operational leadership to the College in the area of teaching and learning;
• providing leadership in the application of pedagogical theory and practice;
• developing a learning culture for our students which encourages each boy to take responsibility for his own learning;
• providing leadership in the implementation of effective assessment and reporting;
• organising professional learning for staff;
• fostering a commitment to continuous improvement through research, consultation, collaboration and sharing of knowledge and information.

Conor Finn, Dean of Formation

Conor Finn, Dean of Formation

Conor has extensive leadership experience across a range of Edmund Rice schools and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy regarding the interrelationships between leadership, charism and culture. As Dean of Formation, Conor is responsible for all aspects of student formation within the College some of which include:

• Promoting, developing and enhancing the mission and vision of the College
• Developing a school culture which reflects the community’s identity as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition;
• Providing leadership for the pastoral care of students;
• Overseeing and developing exemplary formation programs across the College; and
• Ensuring a positive proactive approach is taken to behaviour management and the implementation of College policies.

Matthew Warr, The Dean of Faith

Matthew Warr, Dean of Faith and Mission

Matt has performed in a variety of leadership roles across Edmund Rice Schools and Education Queensland; with further teaching experiences in London and Europe. Matt has a Bachelor degree in Education, a Bachelor of Arts (English/History), and a Masters in Educational Leadership. As Dean of Faith and Mission, Matt’s responsible for:

• promoting and giving life to the identity of the College as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition
• engaging students in the liturgical and religious life of the College;
• developing meaningful and engaging Masses, retreats, service program and Social Justice advocacy experiences and opportunities for students from Years 4-12;
• working with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program Coordinator to ensure the effective delivery of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program;

Peter Nugent, Business Manager

Peter Nugent, Business Manager is responsible for:

• Financial Management
• College Operations
• Legal and Personnel Management
• Plant Management