P&F Committee

The role of the Parents and Friends Association (P&F) is to: provide a social avenue for parents to meet one another and staff; to be a voice for the parents; and to raise funds to provide some of the extras for our boys’ education.

The P&F meet monthly on a Tuesday evening. The annual general meeting of the P&F occurs in September and office bearers for the following year are appointed.

Meeting Dates 2020

Tuesday 4 February
Tuesday 10 March
Tuesday 21 April
Tuesday 12 May
Tuesday 2 June
Tuesday 21 July
Tuesday 4 August
Tuesday 1 September (AGM)
Tuesday 13 October
Tuesday 17 November (including the 2021 Planning Meeting)

We Welcome the P&F Executive for 2020

President Brett Solomon
Vice President Timothy Kendrick
Treasurer Annalinda Robinson
Secretary Helen Dunn

Committee Members 2019

Care & Concern Coordinator Sara McGarvey
Parent Book Club Coordinator Rachel Ames
Sport Support Group Helen Hicks, Donna Densley and Reg Roberts
Music Support Group Lisa Morris, Claire Neumann, Danielle Derry, Judith Solomon, Karyn Sherlock, Kay Perissinotto, Richard Bradford, Moya Pattie, Jenny Goh, Maelisa McNeil.
Year 4 Parent Liaison Sharon Ward
Year 5 Parent Liaison Prue Moloney and Sue McIntyre
Year 6 Parent Liaison Loretta Davis and Shirley Gates
Year 7 Parent Liaisons Suzanne Rosolen
Year 8 Parent Liaison Kaylene Perrisinotto
Year 9 Parent Liaison Helen Davidson
Year 10 Parent Liaison Judith Solomon
Year 11 Parent Liaison Scott Kiel-Chisholm
Year 12 Parent Liaisons Alicen Warriner and Jay Mooney

Links to further P&F resources

P&F Volunteering Opportunities