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Sport Program

Within the context of Ambrose Treacy College values of learning, service and leadership, we identify the Claddagh as the symbol of a balanced, holistic and inclusive sporting program.
In bringing together the head, heart and hands, we seek to engage all boys in school, club, community and representative pathways that will shape them as men of knowledge, integrity and physical capability.

This pathway will be characterised by athletes who have:

• Knowledgeable, confident and determined minds (head) that know the value of lifelong engagement in physical activity and wellbeing.
• Skilful, strong and decisive hands that compliment bodies of speed, strength and stamina.
• Courageous, loyal and inspired hearts that demonstrate deep levels of integrity in all aspects of training and competition.

ATC Sport Framework and Continuum

At Ambrose Treacy College we aim to include all members of our community in quality sporting opportunities that promote enjoyment, engagement and achievement. Each boy can realise his own love of sport at the level and in the context that he chooses.

ATC Sport Department Contacts

Mr Nathan Burgess, Head of Sport and Activities

Mrs Lisa Mortlock, Sport Administration Officer


At ATC we use a variety of mediums to communicate with parents. Our central source of information for Sport is available on ATConnect, our online newsletter. We use the College App which is iPhone and Android compatible for notifications and alerts. Our College Facebook is used for conveying weather and sports notifications as well as posting sport photos and videos. Activity coordinators, coaches and managers will also use the College Parent Lounge in SEQTA to email communication directly to parents once students are signed up and involved in particular sports and activities.

Participation in Sport at ATC

During your son/s time at ATC he will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of Sports and Activities. Whilst participation is not compulsory, we strongly encourage boys to seek to engage in a variety of different activities throughout the year. Co-curricular activities are a significant part of life in our College and contribute to the holistic education that we offer our boys. Once boys commit to a sport, they are expected to attend all training sessions, meetings and fixtures to fulfil their commitments to their team mates and the College. Managing co-curricular and academic life at ATC provides valuable life lessons and we support boys to ensure they maintain a good balance in their lives.

Parent Support of ATC Sport and Activities

At ATC we have a dedicated and motivated teaching and coaching staff who work tirelessly to provide great opportunities for our boys in addition to their core academic responsibilities. Parents are invited to support the facilitation of co-curricular activities. A great way to become involved in your son’s sport is through the ATC Sport Support Group. The group meets regularly and assists the Sport Department in a variety of ways. These include assisting with game day setup, canteens and BBQs, managing teams, officiating, scoring and in some cases assisting with coaching. This is a great way to get to know your parent and staff community and to contribute to the life of the College. Please contact ATC Parents and Friends Sport Support Group at pandf@atc.qld.edu.au for further information.

How to get involved

Co-curricular opportunities will be promoted initially with general information through ATC Connect, at College assemblies and at times via the App, email and Facebook. We encourage boys to take responsibility for attending sign on days and for seeking out activity coordinators if they miss an initial sign on opportunity. Once boys sign on for an activity, information regarding the trials process and team allocation will be provided. Once boys nominate to participate in a sport or activity it is expected that they follow through until the end of the season.

A Sport for Every Boy


ATC Juniors will be in their fourth year in 2017 competing in the AFLBJ Competition with teams ranging from Under 9’s to Under 16’s.
AFL Pre-season runs January to March
AFL Fixtures run April to September


The ATC Athletics program encapsulates Track and Field and Cross Country and will involve specialised training across running, jumping and throwing events. A combination of regular interschool and club competition and representative opportunities will allow all boys to achieve personal excellence. Athletics and Cross Country are very popular sports at our College and will continue to be a major aspect of our sporting program into the future. The focal point of the season will be the QCIS Cross Country Meet and the QCIS Track & Field Carnival.
Athletics Season runs March to October


The ATC Basketball program offers a comprehensive program for all levels of ability. Our competitive season is played in the South West Pirates Club Competition in Terms 3 and 4 and against other colleges in our region. Our recreational and competitive level basketball players will enjoy playing in the ATC 3-x-3 Basketball Season, with our advanced and elite players using the 3-x-3 as preparation for the competitive season.
Basketball Season runs April to November

Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is a very popular ‘niche’ sport in our community and with a new fleet of boats designed specifically for the younger boys, participation will no doubt continue to grow. Year 4 Paddle Play will be held on Saturday mornings and Year 5 – Year 10 competitions will be held on Wednesday evenings throughout the year. Specialist coaches from Brothers Canoe Polo will be facilitating the program with assistance from ATC Staff.
Canoe Polo Season runs all year round


The ATC Cricket program offers a complete package for boys of all levels of interest and ability. For the cricket ‘tragics’ among us, cricket will begin in August for pre-season training, followed by the ATC Club Cricket season in Term 4 in the Brisbane North Cricket Competition, followed by a school season in Term 1. Boys can choose to play school or club cricket only depending on their interest and commitments. Representative opportunities will include both school and club pathways.
Cricket Pre-season runs August to September
Club Cricket Season runs October to December
School Cricket Season runs January to March


Along with our ATC Football Coordinator Mr Matt Warr, our head coach Mr Remo Buess will be returning in 2017 to support coaches in continuing to offer a high quality football program at ATC. Pre-season will include an emphasis on football specific conditioning and massed practise of fundamental skills in preparation for the school football season in Term 2.
Football Pre-season is in March
Football season runs from April to June

Indoor Cricket

In 2017 we will enter our sixth Indoor Cricket Season at Brisbane West Indoor Sports Centre. Following cricket trials in Term 4 and the beginning of Term 1 2017, boys who do not make a school cricket team or a Year 4 club team will play Indoor Cricket on Friday afternoons. Without rain interruptions and with a significantly large participation in batting, bowling and fielding, boys at a recreational level of the game will rapidly increase in skill and knowledge whilst enjoying a fast paced, high scoring version of the game.
Indoor Cricket Season runs in Term 1

Representative Sport

A key focus of the sport program at ATC is to provide opportunity for boys who have talent and ambition in a particular sport to pursue representative selection. ATC is a member of the West Taylor Bridge District for Junior School Boys and Brisbane Independent Boys for Middle and Senior school boys. In addition to school representative pathways, boys will have the opportunity to seek selection through club pathways in Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and AFL.

Rugby Union

2016 was a massive year for rugby at ATC with the full-side season officially beginning with the Armidale Rugby Carnival at Easter and the season’s games against premier Rugby schools throughout the season. In 2017 boys will play games during the full-side season against a variety of Catholic and Independent Boys schools across South-East Queensland predominantly in Term 2.
Rugby season runs during Term 2
Rugby Sevens runs during Term 4

Strength and Conditioning

The ATC Strength and Conditioning program is purposefully designed to develop students understanding of basic principles and techniques for increasing the different fitness components as well as facilitating sport specific and general fitness. The program introduces students at an age and ability appropriate level to different types of equipment and training. The program primarily operates out of the ATC gym, located next to the Kilkenny building and is offered every morning and afternoon during the week as well as some lunchtimes.
Strength and Conditioning runs all year round.


ATC will offer a comprehensive swimming program for all members of our community. Boys will have the opportunity to train as part of the recreational, competitive, advanced and elite squads throughout the school year and will compete at a variety of interschool and club meets. Club meets are held fortnightly on Thursday evenings during Term 4. A focused school season will run during Term 1 in addition to the many club swimming opportunities that the boys will have. Boys will have the opportunity to seek representative opportunities through school pathways and as a member of the ATC swimming club. The focal point of the school season will be the QCIS Swimming Carnival in March.
Refer to the comprehensive Swimming Program Booklet via the link below for more detailed information or call 38780528.


The ATC Tennis program commences in Term 3 with pre-season training. The formal competitive season is played during Term 4. Key events include QCIS tournaments, Brisbane International Primary Schools Challenge, Age and Open Championships with the season culminating in a Parent-Son Tournament. Coaching is provided by Lifetime Tennis.
Tennis Pre-season runs during Term 3
Tennis runs during Term 4

Triathlon and Aquathlon

In its fourth year the triathlon program at the College has gone from strength to strength both in terms of the number of boys participating and the quality of our competitors. Boys will train as a squad in preparation for the QLD All Schools Triathlon and Aquathlon held at Kawana in November as well as for competition in the Gatorade Tri Series.
Triathlon and Aquathlon run during Term 3 and Term 4


In 2017 we will continue to build on the volleyball development program that commenced in 2016. Regular training and competition throughout Term 1 and Term 4 will give boys the opportunity to develop skills and enjoy playing against a variety of schools and clubs. Volleyball is for Middle and Senior School students only.
Volleyball runs during Term 1 and Term 4

Water Polo

ATC will be entering teams into the Brisbane Water Polo club competition in the Under 13 and Under 15 divisions. Water Polo has been a growth sport at the College for the past 5 years and we are looking forward to continuing that into the future.
Water Polo runs during Term 1 and Term 4


For a full list of sporting team uniforms please download a copy of the Sport Handbook 2017 via the link below.