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ATC Drama and Communication

The College offers a Co-curricular Drama and Communication program. This program develops drama, speaking and presentation skills for students with the option to sit for AMEB examinations. Tuition features small group, and individual age-related classes that are suitable for all levels of experience.

ATC Co-curricular Music Program

The Co-curricular Music program at Ambrose Treacy College offers a vast array of outstanding musical opportunities for students throughout the College. The program is a thriving component of the College’s culture, led by an experienced team of passionate and dedicated music educators.

Students are encouraged and may elect to extend their musicianship by enrolling in specialised individual and/or small group music lessons on an instrument or voice. These lessons offer specialisation on an instrument, voice or in music production, including specific instrument technique, repertoire and performance practices. More in depth music theory learning experiences are available. These lessons are tailored for the individual student and/or small groups. For those students who elect individual tuition, preparation and completion of A.M.E.B., Trinity or other examinations are strongly encouraged. Weekly homework is set for students, and regular, structured and organised home practice is expected to be completed. A semester progress report is provided for all students receiving tuition.

Lessons are delivered weekly by specialist music staff during class time on a rotating timetable to ensure that students do not miss the same period of class time each week. Where possible, those students who learn more than one instrument may be able to negotiate one of their weekly lessons to be held during morning tea or lunch breaks. Lesson times for Senior school students may be offered outside of school hours depending on staff availability.

Before your son is offered a position in the program on a specific instrument, he will be tested for pitch, rhythm and tonal physical suitability. It is essential that students commit for the full year in order to make a balanced and informed decision about continuing-on in subsequent years.

Instrumental/Vocal Tuition

Tuition is offered for the following:

- Flute (including Piccolo)
- Bassoon
- Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone)
- French Horn
- Tuba
- Guitar (including Bass Guitar)
- Voice
- Oboe
- Clarinet (including Bass Clarinet)
- Trumpet
- Euphonium
- Percussion (tuned and untuned orchestral, Drum Kit)
- Piano
- Music Production

Music Production

Music production lessons give students the opportunity to learn to create, perform, record and produce music using the College’s professional recording studio equipment. Basic rock band instrumental (guitar, keyboard and drumkit) and vocal skills will be taught. Lessons and classes are available for Year 7 students upwards only.

Ensemble Classes

Our Co-curricular ensemble classes (Bands, Ensembles and Choirs) cater for a diverse range of abilities and interests. Rehearsals are conducted outside class time and provide group performance opportunities. Students are auditioned for the ensembles and placed in an appropriate group based on current performance levels. Ensemble members learn how to collaborate musically across a range of styles and genres. Ensembles are categorised as Core or Extension. For students to participate in an Extension ensemble they must also participate in at least one Core ensemble.

Students who participate in ensembles must also receive either individual, paired or small group tuition. The following opportunities will be on offer in 2020:

Student Led Ensembles

Students may elect to form their own ensembles with some assistance from ATC Co-curricular Music Staff. These may take the form of, but are not limited to:
- Contemporary Bands and Ensembles
- Chamber Ensembles
- Small Jazz Combos
- Vocal groups

Choral Ensembles

The College’s choral program welcomes all young men who love to sing, regardless of ability and previous experience. Each choir explores a diverse range of repertoire including traditional choral, popular, musical theatre and liturgical music. The choral program plays a significant role in leading the school community in liturgical singing. There is no cost and instrumentalists are strongly encouraged to participate. In 2020, the following choral opportunities will be available:

Performance Opportunities

Students have a range of performance opportunities as ensemble members or as soloists throughout the year including but not limited to: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer Concerts, Formal Music Evening, Jazz by the River, Night of Excellence, Sports Awards evenings, Liturgies, Masses and other formal gatherings, ANZAC Day Ceremonies, regular school assemblies, soloists concerts, Musical Showcases, Junior Band breakfast concert and orientation days. Every year ensembles participate in the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) held at Villanova College.

Performance uniform
- White performance shirt
- College Shorts (years 4-6); College trousers (years 7-12)
- College Suit coat
- College tie; belt; long socks and black shoes
- Long grey trousers must be worn by ATC Jazz Orchestra, ATC Symphonic Winds and ATC Senior Singers.


New students can apply for Co-curricular Music tuition or express interest in joining the program via contacting Music Department music@atc.qld.edu.au

Current Co-curricular Music students will be invited to continue each year by their tutor unless communicating prior that they intend to discontinue lessons the following year.

Involvement in the Co-curricular program through music tuition and instrumental ensembles incurs an annual Co-curricular music fee (Choral Ensembles do not incur a fee).

For enquiries please contact the Cocurricular Music Administration Officer Music Department music@atc.qld.edu.au