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Co-curricular Department Communication Guidelines

The Co-curricular department contributes wholeheartedly to ATC’s holistic educational experience, through inspiring involvement in a wide range of engaging activities that facilitate a sense of accomplishment.

We encourage the boys to take full advantage and ownership of the opportunities provided to them, as they evolve into Men of Courage.

Communications Guidelines

  • General Information – All weekly matters relating to practices and performances (matches or concerts)
  • Availability Issues – Non attendance for practice (training or rehearsal) or performance (matches or concerts)
  • Grievances (Sport only) – Matters relating to selection or involvement
  • Pastoral care – Matters relating to student welfare

General Information

  • College App – All parents and students should register to relevant year groups and activities, including each individual ensemble and tutor for music students.
  • Students to connect directly with relevant staff member/s – Music Tutors, Coordinators, Coaches
  • Students to connect directly with relevant department – Music, Sports


  • All sporting schedules will be released as early in the season as possible, however may be subject to change
  • All weekly match details will be released as “TWIS” (This Week In Sport) on the College App on Thursdays
  • Musical performance dates are available on the App under “ATC Performance Calendar”, and specific performance details are released no later than one week prior to the event.

Availability Issues

  • Planned absences (holidays, appointments etc)

- Students to advise relevant staff (Coach, Coordinator, Sports Department, Music Tutor, Music Department) directly (face to face).

- Parent to advise Music Department or Sport Coordinator and Sports Department via email.

  • Illness or Unplanned absences

- Students to email Music Department, Sport Coordinator and Sports Department.

- Parents to email Music Department, Sport Coordinator and Sports Department.

Music Department – music@atc.qld.edu.au
Sport Department – sport@atc.qld.edu.au


All transitions between teams, including development areas, will be appropriately communicated directly to students, as well as parents of junior school boys (Year 4 – 6).

Should boys desire further information or clarity:

  • Year 7 – 12 students should speak directly with Coach and Coordinator
  • Year 4 – 6 students should speak directly with Coach and Coordinator, or parents email coordinator requesting a phone call

Sport Department – sport@atc.qld.edu.au

Pastoral care and wellbeing

All pastoral matters are taken very serious at ATC. In the event of a student confronting a physical or psychological welfare situation:


  • Student to speak directly with relevant staff member immediately

MAJOR SITUATION (Serious medical incident OR Abuse)

  • Student to speak directly with relevant department
  • Parent to email relevant Department requesting a phone call or meeting
  • Parents to call relevant Department

Music Department – music@atc.qld.edu.au or 3878 0547
Sport Department – sport@atc.qld.edu.au or 3878 0525