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An arts and cultural education explores what it means to be human, and helps young men make sense of their lives and the world they live in. Our Cultural program at Ambrose Treacy College contributes to a balanced and holistic education for young men.

Boys by their very nature are passionate, inquisitive and enthusiastic and our club program is designed to harness these great qualities in a variety of different formats. We offer a variety of different clubs and activities which gives boys the opportunity to celebrate their shared passion, learn more about a topic and to share their own knowledge with others. Clubs and activities run outside of school time and may include some weekend or holiday activities.


Parent Lounge – Invitations to participate in each of the Clubs and Activities will be sent to parents of relevant year groups via Parent Lounge. All information is included in the invitation, specifically: day and time, location, levy, requirements, number of students (restrictions may apply), contact details of Coordinator.


ATC College App – All parents and students should subscribe to relevant Clubs and Activities on the College App


Our variety of clubs in extensive and includes such things as Robotics, Fishing, Mountain biking, Board riding, Cooking, Art, Books, Boardgames and Chess. We really do have something for every boy!