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Activities and Clubs

Boys by their very nature are passionate, inquisitive and enthusiastic and our club program is designed to harness these great qualities in a variety of different formats. Each year, depending on student interest and teacher knowledge in a particular area, we offer a variety of different clubs and activities which gives boys the opportunity to celebrate their shared passion, learn more about a particular topic and to share their own knowledge with others. Clubs and activities run outside of school time and may include some weekend or holiday activities.


At ATC we use a variety of mediums to communicate with families. Our central source of information for Activities and Clubs is available in ATConnect, our online newsletter. We use the College App which is iPhone and Android compatible for notifications and alerts. Our College Facebook page is used for conveying notifications and posting photos and videos of activities and clubs. The Activity Coordinator will email communication directly to parents once students have been accepted into an activity or club.

How to Get Involved

All boys are invited to join any of our clubs by emailing the coordinator. Opportunities will be promoted initially with general information through the College newsletter ATConnect, at College assemblies, and at times via the App and Facebook page.

Anglers Club

We have a really keen group of young anglers who enjoy all things fishing. We meet once a week and aim for at least one trip off campus per term which the club always looks forward to. We have a rather diverse group of anglers who have varying capabilities. We spend the first few weeks of the year learning to tie knots, looking at different rigs, types of bait and other basics such as how to cast a line. We consistently catch fish such as catfish, bream and small mulloway off and around the pontoon. While fishing the boys really come together and get to know one another beyond the school grounds. We look forward to growing the ATCFC over the coming years and hope to see some new faces on the pontoon in 2017.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
David Sullivan

Art Club

Art Club is offered terms one, two and three. Students are invited to work collaboratively on group projects and independently on small scale artworks that are put on display throughout the year and at the annual Art Show. They are introduced to a range of art mediums and themes to inspire their creativity. Art Club spaces fill fast and you need to book your place early to avoid disappointment. There is no fee to participate in Art Club.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Monica Willoughby

Chess Club

Coaches from Gardiner Chess challenge the boy’s minds each week with competitions, problem solving and teaching some really cool moves! Chess coaches attend each Friday afternoon to give year 4 boys chess lessons and introduce them to the wonderful world of chess. As well, all ATC boys can attend a coaching session each Friday morning in the Library. In terms 1 and 3 boys compete in an invitational competition held at Somerville House. This is a more formal competition with over thirty teams entered. This gives our chess players the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills that they have been learning and to also experience the more formal atmosphere of the game. In term 2, the Brisbane Independent School meets are held. Games are played against All Hallows, St Aiden’s, Marist and St Laurence’s. Our intra-school competition is held in term 4 over five rounds which results in a winner from each year level. These winners then compete for the titles of Junior School chess champion and Middle School chess champion.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Sue Goonan

Cooking Club

The ATC Cooking Club is a club designed specifically for Year 4 students who are interested in engaging in weekly cooking classes. Each week the boys produce an amazing dish that they can eat themselves or take home to share with their family for dinner, dessert or a snack! It is so rewarding every year to see how far the boys come in developing their cooking skills. Their cutting and slicing, measuring techniques, mixing and stirring improves in leaps and bounds. Not only do the boys develop their cooking skills, but they also learn how to follow a recipe, mathematical skills (i.e ¼ cup, 250mL etc.) and how to work as part of a team. Even if all the recipes don’t quite tempt their taste buds, they are still very proud of their dish.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Rebecca Smout

Environmental Club

Middle School students are given the opportunity to maintain the local environment along the river bank and gully beside the Middle School precinct. They have planted saplings and help care for the existing flora. They also monitor the local fauna, watching for any changes to the topography and to help preserve their natural habitat. Enviro Warriors meet once a week.
There is no fee to participate in Environmental club.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Bernard Wong

Gardening Club

Gardening club at ATC gives an opportunity for Junior school boys to enjoy being outdoors, digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. Gardening club meets 3 mornings a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.30-8.00 am and we have lots of fun and gain manyspecial benefits. ATC gardening club is educational and develops new skills including: Responsibility for caring for plants, understanding as boys learn about cause and consequence, love of nature and the outdoor environment, physical activity in doing something fun and productive, cooperation through teamwork and lastly, creativity in finding new and exciting ways to grow food.
There is no fee to participate in Gardening Club.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Gwenda Burton

Gamers Club – Middle School

The Secret League of Gamers (SLOG) meet each Friday afternoon in the Westcourt iCentre for the rolling of dice and playing of cards. Many an adventure has been shared by the participants of this club. We have built up a fine collection of board and card games that the boys have access to and they are always happy to teach the rules to new members. An external ‘dungeon master’ is also employed to allow the boys to take part in tabletop role-playing in the dungeons and dragons universe. It is through their co-operation, skill and luck of the dice that allow their characters to survive these sessions.
There is a nominal fee of $5 per session to participate in Gamers Club which is a contribution towards purchasing new games.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Mark Watson

iCentre Clubs

Our two library centres, Mt Sion and Westcourt, actively promote opportunities for students to demonstrate 21st century skills. These include the ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically and be creative. As a result we offer a number of lunchtime clubs throughout the year based on the interests of boys. These clubs include coding club and makerspaces. There is no fee to participate in iCentre clubs. We also offer a Middle school bookclub once a week for those passionate about reading and members can nominate to join for a term or the whole year.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Ros Peters

Japanese Cultural Club

Joining the cultural club allows students to learn about many aspects of the Japanese culture, to experience and enjoy the culture in more depth and to explore a wider range of customs and practices unique to Japan. Every week we explore a different aspect of the Japanese culture and each session begins with the students getting to try a Japanese snack food. We make and eat our own sushi and learn about meal practices and eating techniques; watch anime as well as researching and designing an anime character; learn about and practice the principles of calligraphy; Japanese folk tales; origami; gyoza making and eating; and play a variety of Japanese games such as taketombo, kendama, fukuwarai and darumatoshi.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Jill Rau

Recreational River Canoeing Club

River canoeing at ATC is a non-competitive activity focused on boys working together and enjoying the serenity of the river after school. The serenity is quickly shattered by the “boys being boys” and enjoying the opportunity to make a bit of noise and release some energy. One afternoon per week we get out on the river with the students and allow them to have a paddle and explore the river and estuaries, often rafting up and having a picnic with various snacks that they have brought along.
There is no fee to participate in Rec River Canoeing Club.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Cam McConnell

Robotics Club

The robotics club allows students to build and program their own robotic solutions to defined problems. The ATC Ro-bros and Irish Warbots compete in the First Lego League (FLL) competition at QUT every November. In this competition they are required to build and program a robot which completes up to 12 missions. This year’s competition is entitled ‘Animal Allies’ and involves the robot completing farm and agricultural work. The boys are also required to make a tradeshow presentation about their robot and the skills learned in completing missions. This is a difficult programming challenge and the boys require tenacity, patience and passion for problem solving in order to get the most out of the club.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Mark Watson

Tech Club

Tech Club for Junior School students looks at coding and creating games through the Hopscotch program. There will be opportunities for boys to explore the use of iPads and computers and learn stop motion movie making.
For enquiries please contact the following ATC staff:
Sam Hassett

To download a copy of the Activities and Clubs Handbook 2017 please follow the link below.

To view the Term 4 Activities and Clubs timetable please follow the link below.