Finding Your Path

06 June 2017

The Year 10 Careers Program is in full swing this term. The students completed the Harrison Career Inventory which provided them with three reports; Career Development, Greatest Strengths and Career Options. The purpose of the inventory was to assist students with ideas and starting conversations about pathways.

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Partnering for Success

29 May 2017

It was wonderful to see so many parents support our project to improve outcomes in student writing by attending the Writing Seminar with Dr Ian Hunter last Tuesday. We often say that we partner with parents in the education of their sons, and this evening was a very good example of the partnership at its finest.

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Incidental Maths

23 May 2017

I’ve always loved numbers. Upon reflection on my own journey with Mathematics, I believe two key experiences contributed to my mental maths ability. These helped me to succeed in high school maths.

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Understanding STEM's from Inquiry

16 May 2017

The National Innovation and Science Agenda focusses on inspiring students to engage with the curriculum in STEM. It is these areas that are predicted to grow exponentially in the future, so it is important that we are engaging the boys with quality learning experiences to foster their interest in these subjects. Since the beginning of term 2, the Junior School has been concentrating on Science with hands-on learning. Year 4 have been looking at forces and were involved in a workshop with Big Bang Education, Year 5 are studying the solar system in addition to conducting experiments to practice the skills of working scientifically, Year 6 have been playing with electricity – in the safest possible way.

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