Formation & Service

On Trek to Remember

26 April 2017

ANZAC Day is always a proud time for our nation as we reflect on the formation of Australia and the foundations of the virtues which we culturally hold so dear. The themes of honour and courage were evident in Monday’s College liturgy. I shared the story of Manhattan’s St Paul’s Chapel and the significant role it played in allowing so many men and women to cope with the catastrophe on 9/11.

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Women's Rights

19 April 2017

ATC – we have a problem! I believe that men and boys (including myself) need to strive to respect women more. Whether it be from politics to popular culture, men have a problem when it comes to respecting women.

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Emotional Intelligence - How Smart Are You?

29 March 2017

As we conclude Term One it is a good time to reflect on the following questions: How is your son going at school? Do they look forward to going to school and enjoy the challenge of learning? Scientific studies suggest that emotional intelligence helps a person to become successful in life more than the quality of schooling they receive.

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Whatever happened to the guy that dobbed in Jesus?

22 March 2017

Often in teaching, a young man makes a remark which comes out of the blue. Unexpected. Random. Awkward. It happened last week in my Year 7 Religion class. As we were discussing Catholic Church hierarchy – and how the Cardinal’s elect the Pope – a young lad politely raised his hand. “Excuse me Sir. Whatever happened to Judas? You know, the guy who dobbed in Jesus.”

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Spinal Tap

15 March 2017

Sadly ATC boys are spineless which has led to cyber hate being a significant issue for our community.

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