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Whatever happened to the guy that dobbed in Jesus?

22 March 2017

Often in teaching, a young man makes a remark which comes out of the blue. Unexpected. Random. Awkward. It happened last week in my Year 7 Religion class. As we were discussing Catholic Church hierarchy – and how the Cardinal’s elect the Pope – a young lad politely raised his hand. “Excuse me Sir. Whatever happened to Judas? You know, the guy who dobbed in Jesus.”

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Spinal Tap

15 March 2017

Sadly ATC boys are spineless which has led to cyber hate being a significant issue for our community.

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Where Do You Live?

08 March 2017

Do you know what the most popular tourist destination in the world is? It’s a city with an iconic landmark, a torrid political history and a diverse, multi-cultural population.

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Backing the Underdog

01 March 2017

Do you want to know an easy way to make money? Back an underdog!
2016 saw an unprecedented amount of upset, come from behind, Cinderella stories of overcoming adversity and proving experts and big hitters wrong. The achievements of lowly Leicester City – a 5000-1 chance prior to the season commencing – was one that will be shared for generations to come.

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Guru Guide

22 February 2017

Am I Nostradamus – Able to predict that this time every year our boys (and subsequently parents) begin to grapple with the ongoing issue of popularity?

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