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The Second Shift

14 June 2017

My daughter has just started Prep this year and I am struggling to keep up with the pace of expectation! Australian parents currently rate achieving a respectable work-family balance as their greatest parenting challenge given they work more hours than ever before. At times it seems that with too much work, too many parents experience a loss of identity and purpose as their paid jobs became who they were, how others judge them and how they judge themselves.

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Alarming Changes in Attitude

07 June 2017

Dear Ambrose Treacy College Parents, the real purpose of this blog is to try and prepare you for an imminent change in the relationship between yourself and your son. The affectionate small boy who has quite justifiably been your pride and joy is about to undergo such a transformation that you may begin to wonder if you have sired a monster.

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How Can We Comprehend The Events Of Manchester?

24 May 2017

The recent tragedy in Manchester is as horrific as it is confusing! How can such evil exist in a world that promises so much opportunity, love and happiness? I was proudly born in England and have visited Manchester many times. It is gut wrenching to think of what the city and its people are experiencing. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all the victims.

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Want to Be a Better Parent?

17 May 2017

Currently in Formation students are learning about how the adolescent brain works. What this affirms is that our brains crave instant gratification. Many would argue that the Millennial Generation (your son) is set up for failure as they grow up expecting instant gratification from iPads to iPhones leading them to be the “iGeneration” – all about me!

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