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Holiday Updates

23 June 2017

Semester One Report Cards are now available online through the Parent Lounge. Each student’s report include a significant amount of information including an overall GPA, individual subject overall grades along with individual criteria grades and an Approach to Leaning grade, plus service hours registered and a homeroom teacher comment. A separate set of instructions have been sent out. Please contact the HELPDESK if you have any queries. Follow the links below to download the Parent Letter and Parent Lounge Login instructions.

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Term 2 Comes to an End

16 June 2017

There has been a relaxed, contented feel the last two days as the boys have completed their assessment. Teachers will complete marking and the compilation of reports over the next few days and the reporting process will be complete by Thursday 22 June for release on SEQTA Parent Lounge.

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What's Coming Up in Last Week of Term

08 June 2017

Let the Countdown begin. One week remains until the conclusion of Semester One. Congratulations to the students as they work hard to complete their assignments and exams. Marking and reports will be finalised by teachers over the next two weeks and be released on SEQTA Parent Lounge on Thursday 15 June. Students and parents will have access to the semester reports online from that Thursday. Individual assessment marks and feedback comments will be released by teachers over the next two weeks.

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Coming Up in the Last Weeks of Term

02 June 2017

Everyone has the end of term in their sight! The final two weeks of the semester are loaded with assessment for the students plus a long list of events and meetings. Please read the details below for the key dates and add them to your calendar. A reminder that all events are posted on the College App.

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Coming Up for Week 7

25 May 2017

Last night began the formation program for our Year 7, 2018 families. In many ways 2018 seems a distant time but it is approaching quickly and a decision was made to begin the engagement of this group. Year 7 is a significant year in the College as it is one of our two main entry points. It is also special in that nearly half of the cohort will be new to ATC.

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