Co-curricular Activities

Racing to the End

23 March 2017

Whilst the co-curricular program at the College runs year round, there are many significant beginnings, milestones and endings during this time. Saturday saw the very end of the summer sports season and the culmination of fantastic seasons in triathlon, cricket, volleyball, water polo, indoor cricket, paddle play and canoe polo.

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Co-curricular News Week 8

14 March 2017

Tomorrow is a National Day of Awareness of bullying and violence. To show our support for this initiative all students are encouraged to wear either orange or green clothes. At second break we hold the first event of the 2017 Charter Cup, the Staff vs Students year long sporting challenge. With Gaelic Football as our first event it promises to be a great opportunity to build relationships, have a bit of fun and hopefully keep all aging hamstrings intact! Best of luck to all involved tomorrow!

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Blowing Hot Air

09 March 2017

Years ago I heard the saying that “….the human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” It has stuck with me ever since! Whilst watching our Year 10 boys at QDU last night, I reflected on the many nervous and painful-to-endure attempts I made with a microphone in hand in my mid twenties.

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It's All or Nothing

02 March 2017

The motto, It’s all or nothing rings true around the College as I consistently see boys involved in numerous co-curricular activities and it is not uncommon to hear boys discussing how they can squeeze a new opportunity into their already busy schedule of music lessons, sports training, gym and after school clubs! The boys are well and truly spoilt for choice with our diverse co-curricular program and despite their busy calendars you can be assured that their involvement in co-curricular activities is a key ingredient to them being motivated, active and healthy young men.

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The Great Outdoors

23 February 2017

Next week we see the whole ATC Community heading off into the great outdoors to enjoy days filled with adventure. Our Outdoor Education program promotes positive relationships between students and their peers, and between students and staff while providing students with opportunities for growth.

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