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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

20 March 2017

I don’t know about you, but I find the task of gift giving to be getting harder. In a world where many people have a disposable income and easy access to technology, it makes it easy to access whatever they want. Many people simply buy what they want and hence often don’t need a lot. This simple change seems to have altered the world that we live in and made the simple art of gift giving more complex. Or is it really complex?

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When Kids Know It All

21 March 2017

Is there nothing we can’t Google? I believe there is and it rests in the power of influencing learners, by serving as an example. In a world where validation and confirmation via an anonymous like or dislike can make or break a teenager, role models for resolving inevitable fears, failures and barriers have never been more valuable in education.

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Whatever happened to the guy that dobbed in Jesus?

22 March 2017

Often in teaching, a young man makes a remark which comes out of the blue. Unexpected. Random. Awkward. It happened last week in my Year 7 Religion class. As we were discussing Catholic Church hierarchy – and how the Cardinal’s elect the Pope – a young lad politely raised his hand. “Excuse me Sir. Whatever happened to Judas? You know, the guy who dobbed in Jesus.”

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Racing to the End

23 March 2017

Whilst the co-curricular program at the College runs year round, there are many significant beginnings, milestones and endings during this time. Saturday saw the very end of the summer sports season and the culmination of fantastic seasons in triathlon, cricket, volleyball, water polo, indoor cricket, paddle play and canoe polo.

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Coming Up Last Week of Term

24 March 2017

A highly productive and busy Term One is about to reach it’s conclusion. The final assessment tasks need to be completed next week and then we will ‘celebrate’ the end of term. This will be in three sections – the Interhouse Cross Country Carnival, the Lenten Fayre and the End of Term Easter Liturgy. Each of these items are significant in their own way.

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Week 9 In Review

25 March 2017

Movin’ and groovin’ our Review of Week 9 will have you dancing round the kitchen …Just press PLAY and type in the ATC Vimeo password for 2017.

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Community News Week 9

25 March 2017

It has been a great term and hopefully our many P&F events are helping families become involved in the community. The ATC Book club has been formed and aptly named “Reading Between the Wines”. From all accounts it was a sensational evening. For more friend-raising, our Year 5 and 7 family events in the park will be held this weekend and we hope the sun continues to shine.

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