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A Future Full of Promises

22 May 2017

In many ways Edmund Rice was an extraordinary man. Yet, in many ways he was just an ordinary man. This apparent contradiction is not as confusing as it may seem. He grew up in a relatively well-off Catholic family in County Kilkenny Ireland, received a limited education before joining his uncle’s business in Waterford, providing supplies for ships and for the British Navy and Army.

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Incidental Maths

23 May 2017

I’ve always loved numbers. Upon reflection on my own journey with Mathematics, I believe two key experiences contributed to my mental maths ability. These helped me to succeed in high school maths.

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How Can We Comprehend The Events Of Manchester?

24 May 2017

The recent tragedy in Manchester is as horrific as it is confusing! How can such evil exist in a world that promises so much opportunity, love and happiness? I was proudly born in England and have visited Manchester many times. It is gut wrenching to think of what the city and its people are experiencing. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all the victims.

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That's the Life

25 May 2017

I recently sent my best mate this photo of my new hiking gear which I was prepping for an ATC camp and mused that perhaps I have too many hobbies. His reply was, “Not really mate, all I can think of is, running, swimming, cycling, hiking, camping, golf, boating, cooking, fishing, building furniture, landscaping, skiing, reading, triathlon, Alaskan themed TV, home brewing, sugo making, music, coaching sport and welding – maybe you should take up an instrument.”

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Coming Up for Week 7

25 May 2017

Last night began the formation program for our Year 7, 2018 families. In many ways 2018 seems a distant time but it is approaching quickly and a decision was made to begin the engagement of this group. Year 7 is a significant year in the College as it is one of our two main entry points. It is also special in that nearly half of the cohort will be new to ATC.

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Week 5 in Motion

20 May 2017

WIR is our equivalent of the Cannes Red Carpet: superstars, showstoppers, entertainment and sports stars feature this week. Take five minutes to mingle with our young, talented and famous students! ….Just type in the ATC Vimeo password for 2017.

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Community News for Week 5

20 May 2017

Another successful Book Club occurred last Monday night . We were very lucky to have author, Cass Moriarty attend our Club and we enjoyed much discussion, laughter and banter, and we even made suggestions of how to end her next book. There’s talk of ‘The Promise Seed’ going to film!…. so watch this space. If you’d like to join in the reading our next book is ‘The Soldier’s Curse’ by Meg & Tom Keneally and we will meet on Monday 5 June at 7:30pm – see details below.

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