Junior School

Learning today… at Ambrose Treacy College

Boys are motivated, energetic learners when they are engaged. Ambrose Treacy College Junior School stands on 76 years of experience in meeting the specific learning needs of boys. The Australian Curriculum is covered in an engaging way, which reflects boys’ interests and learning styles. The enthusiasm shown by boys for taking risks and having a go is capitalised upon to create a stimulating learning environment. A strong foundation in literacy skills is a feature of our Junior School. A school-wide approach to the explicit teaching of literacy skills and differentiated delivery allows our teachers to challenge and support boys to become competent and confident readers and writers.

Boys are taught a range of subjects based on the Australian Curriculum framework, covering Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Japanese, Music, Visual Arts, Health & Physical Education, iSkills and Formation. Classes are taught by a core classroom teacher with specialist teachers for Japanese, Music, Visual Arts, iSkills and Health & Physical Education.